Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roko Ului Mara Owe it to Himself to Reveal All

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 19 May 2011

While there are mixed reactions on Ului Mara’s motive behind his tell-it-all You Tube broadcasts, no one can dispute the fact that Frank Bainimarama’s gestapo regime has been deserted by one of its key personnel who’se in a very good position to shed more light on Frank’s delusional state of mind fanned by some very self-serving opportunists. 

There is also no doubt that Ului is winning the hearts and minds of most Fijians with his You Tube series. Why? Because he is admitting his fault, he’s regretting it, he’s doing what he can to bring Frank and his cohorts down, and he’s ready to face the wrath of the Fijian people by promising to return to his country when all dust settles. 

Fijian observers commented that what he’s saying is resonating well with the majority Christian Fijian nationals who are well known for their forgiving hearts if one is seen to be genuinely remorseful over his/her wrong doings. 

But they say that with many Fijian peoples respect for the rule of law, demonstrated by their unwillingness to get involved or confront Frank’s regime, they will still demand that Ului be trialled when their current compromised Fijian judiciary and court of law is replaced by a new breed of honorable and morally endowed judicial staff. 

Our sources say that Ului is not dumb as some claim him to be, neither is his partner in crime, Pita Driti, both of whom were masterminders of instant oppressive and abusive military tactics soon after the December 5th, 2006 coup. 

They say it was their fear tactics inflicted on their anti-coup advocates that gave Frank a swift control over the island state. They were the key individuals that gave Frank that extra confidence to execute his coup. 

But now with Ului’s realization of his treasonous act against his own Fijian people, they say that he owes it to himself, first and foremost, to right his wrong, which will transcend to a self-obligating act of using himself as a martyr to win back the freedom he took away from the Fijian people. That, is what he seem to doing right now. 

Ului Mara is an important witness to Frank’s crime against humanity and he must be protected at all cost. He has everything to lose now and is already losing what is dear to him, his family, his livelihood, his home island, his assets and everything else that makes him Ului Mara. But he must be respected for his courage to expose the truth on what really drove him and his comrades, including some well known civilians, to execute Fiji’s coup of 2006. 

Truth will set you free Ului! 

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