Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roko Ului Mara Names Military Thugs Terrorising Fiji Citizens

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 18 May 2011

Roko Ului Mara names the Fiji soldiers brutalizing citizens

The soldiers guilty of human rights abuses have been singled out by Roko Ului Mara.
In these latest videos in the Fijian language, the former commander of the third infantry warns Penioni Naliva, Aseri Rokoura and Rabuka (Savenaca Siwatibau), to stop making people suffer, saying the time will come for them to answer to the people.

Naliva (pictured left with Bainimarama), Rokoura (pictured closest to Banimarama in the picture on the right) and 'Rabuka' (Savenaca Siwatibau) were all named recently by Coupfourpointfive as leading henchmen for Frank Bainimarama and the QEB Goons, who were beating and terrorising citizens.

In these videos, Roko Ului confirms our list and also tells two other senior soldiers, land force commander Mosese Tikoitonga (right) and Lieutenant Colonel Jone Kalouniwai, to wake up to the truth. He tells them to put  their education to good use and to open their eyes and stop being blind. He says they know very well what has been happening and that it's wrong.

Asked by media if he himself illegally detained civilians during the 2006 coup, Mara replied: "not directly .... but under directions." He said he "totally regretted it."

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