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Push to Have Fiji Dictator on Trial As Spineless Police Boss Dances Away

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 30 May 2011

QEB Goon victim: Bainimarama should stand trial

One of the most recent victims of the QEB Goons was Sam Speight. He was taken in to the barracks in February for distributing the Daunitutu pro-democracy videos.

1) Are you surprised by the Mara revelations that Bainimarama beat the three women pro-democracy workers? 

Not at all. Every civilian beating and torture that took place at the camp was authorised by Bainimarama. And never once has he spoken up against these incidents. So I am not at all surprised.

2) Does it make you think that Bainimarama was at the camp when you got beat up recently? 

I am not aware of his presence or otherwise at the camp during my ordeal. All I know is that I was told by personnels on duty at the time that the squad who were involved in these assaults are acting on Bainimarama’s authority.

3) Is there anything else you remember that happened to you at camp? 


4) A case is being built against Bainimarama to be prosecuted. What do you think should happen to him?

The SDL Party had sought redress from the legal courts of appeal in Fiji under the 1997 Constitution in April of 2009 whereby a landmark judgment was handed down declaring the coup of 2006 as being unlawful. That clearly demonstrates beyond all doubt that Bainimarama has committed the offence of treason. His purported abrogation of the Constitution of Fiji on the back of that judgement is another act of treason. Bainimarama’s rightful place is to stand trial for these very serious offences and also all other pending matters from the year 2000 to the present.

Alleged coup plotter dies

The former police commissioner and alleged 2000 coup plotter, Isikia Savua, has died at his home today.

Savua was a known Frank Bainimarama aide and had been in the army 18 years before joining the force in 1992 as deputy police commissioner.

The 2000 coup, which saw the fall of the government of Mahendra Chaudhry and President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, took place during Savua's tenure as Police Commissioner.

He was fingered as one of the coup plotters but denied it and was never charged.

Savua was also remembered for the investigation into the killing of the Red Cross worker John Scott and his partner, Greg Scrivener.

Savua outraged family and friends by suggesting the men had been involved in child sex and drugs. 

Savua is the second figure connected with the illegal regime to pass away. 

Maciu Vulaono, a former member of the 3FIR and the younger brother of Esala Teleni, died recently under what some sources have described as mysterious circumstances. Maciu Vulaono was the ringleader of the third infantry hit squad and died during a training session.

Spineless Naivalurua dances his way out of thuggery investigation

MR TARALALA: Police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua on the job. picture Fiji Times 

Word has it Fiji Police's Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, has been given a crash course in why he can't investigate the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama for thuggery, let alone charge him or  anyone else in the army. 

Insiders say Naivalurua's 'refresher course' comes as interest widens in Fiji and the revelation Bainimarama led the vicious assault on three women at the barracks on Christmas Eve, just after he carried out the coup in 2006.

The COMPOL has been reminded that under the Public Emergency Decree he has wide power to act to 'maintin public safety.'

Readers will note, too, that under the State Services Decree No. 6 (which clearly gives absolute powers to all heads of security to dismiss any officer (s ) without him being able to appeal his case), civil servants who voice their concern against the regime will be sacked.

It's also been revealed that from last week Naivalurua has moved his office from Vinod Patel buildings at Centre Point to Government buildings Level one, to stay close to Bainimarama.

This is to allow him to carry out his orders to detain and investigate anyone troublesome in the current climate, for example the Lau elders.

Insiders say Naivalurua is not trusting any police officers these days and is shadowing Bainimarama's military goons.

Solid information has also surfaced that Naivalurua is eyeing a higher post - Chief of Staff and deputy Commander RFMF - and that he'll do anything to please the dictator. 

In fact, rank and file officers say he is so much in pursuit of his own goals, he's so blind to the needs of officers that he may have even forgotten to tell his boss that FPF is so ill-equipped the men don’t even have the standard equipments to foil a robbery.


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