Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Near Bankrupt State Orders Water Tax - What Next?

Fiji Times News - 11 May  2011

Anybody extracting more than 3.5million litres of water in a month will have to pay a tax of 15cents per litre after the approved Water Resource Tax Amendment Decree 2011. The decree also allows for underground water extracted being taxable.
Attorney General Aiyaz Kickback-Khaiyum said the decree amends the Water Resource Promulgation 2008 by further explaining the application of the tax rate.
"For the avoidance of doubt where a person or business exracts 3,500,000 litres of water or above in a month, that person or business shall pay water resource tax at the rate of 15cents for every litre of water extracted in that month and not only for every litre extracted above 3,500,000 litres," he said.
He said the decree also amends the Water Resource Promulgation 2008 by removing the 15 percent wastage tax allowance which currently exists thereby mandating that all water extracted from the underground water table is taxable.

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