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Nazhat Shameem Named as Dictator Bainimarama’s Legal Advisor

Posted by Raw Fiji News - 30 May 2011

Roko Ului Mara has named ex-Judge Nazhat Shameem and Aiyaz Khaiyum as two prominent people who frequented Frank Bainimarama's home before and after the 2006 coup.
His revelation again reinforces what bloggers have been reporting since the coup – that Nazhat Shameem is a legal schemer for Frank's regime.
Nazhat Shameem the ex-lady Judge behind women torturer Frank Bainimarama
Ului is a credible witness and we are very sure that other members of Frank's initial inner circle, Esala Teleni, Pita Driti, Aziz Mohammed and George Langman will come forward to give their detailed account like Ului.
Meanwhile, Nazhat is said to be worried by Ului's confession which exposes her as a key person who was aiding and abetting Frank's coup illegalities from day one.
Rumour has it that she may already be planning  her exit to go live with her daughter in England.


Frank Bainimarama wants to be Fiji's President with absolute powers

Frank Bainimarama the women basher who wants to be President
A Tongan media outlet has quoted exiled Lt Col Ului Mara saying that Fiji's tyrant, Frank Bainimarama's ultimate vision is to install himself as the President of Fiji.
In his interview, Roko Ului said that Frank's ambition is to impose a new Presidential System in Fiji similar to that adopted in Indonesia.
Our research reveal that "the President of Indonesia is both head of state and head of government and of a multi-party system. He is also the commander-in-chief of the Indonesian armed forces, and responsible for domestic governance, policy-making and foreign affairs. The president and vice president are both selected by the vote of the citizens for a term of five years. Its also the president who heads the United Indonesia Cabinet and elects the council of ministers."
Many things spring to mind with Ului's revelation.
1. The goal post for that 2014 election promised by Frank has not only shifted  but has been uprooted and replaced by a new goal post all together . Instead of voting for a party with a pre-determined Prime Minister, it will be replaced by a Presidential election. This will mean a complete overhaul of Fiji's Constitution which Frank is earmarking to happen in 2012. Another round of coerced public consultation will have to take place to try and legitimize their ready-made reviewed Constitution like that ill-conceived "Peoples Charter" that got decapitated by the Appeals Court ruling of its illegality.
2. To effect this Constitutional change, Frank and Aiyaz will again look to their current President Epeli to sign off their new "Political System of Fiji" decree and others.
3. Will Epeli Nailatikau be accepting to sign off on his own removal decree to pave the way for a new and fresh Presidential Election system in Fiji?
4. If Epeli refuses to sign the decree, it means that he wants to remain President until he kicks the bucket or when he's forcefully removed by other factors he can not control.
5. If Epeli signs the decree, then he is obviously happy with Aiyaz/Frank's vision to open up Fiji's President's role to all Fijians and to lend a hand in further weakening the Great Council of Chiefs indigenous Fijian structure outlined in Aiyaz's "Sunset Clause for the Indigenous Fijian Race" Masters Degree thesis. We doubt he stands a chance in winning the Presidential race if he's  stupid enough to make a run for it. Which means that he will be quite happy to make a sweet-heart pay-out deal with Aiyaz and Frank for his services to them before he retires.
6. Frank is already campaigning for his President candidacy and is also digging deep into the public coffers he controls as Minister Finance to fund his campaign. Quite ironic that he is now doing exactly what he alleged previous governments to have done in a lead up to a general election. How soon will he allow others to start campaigning?
7. Will Frank win the Presidential election? In his dreams cause we think not! We can confidently say that Frank lack the popular support to get him democratically elected – never was, not now and not in the future.
But with the truth-telling from Ului Mara with other senior military officers expected to also spill the bean soon, we don't believe Frank will be able to make it to 2014.
He will crumble soon and it's just a matter of time.

Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum still want their President Epeli Nailatikau out

Murmurs from Fiji's White House is that Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz are still serious in their endeavor to remove their President Epeli Nailatikau.
Sources say that both Epeli and his wife, Koila Mara, will not relinquish their roles that easily and Koila has been quoted to have said, "over our dead body!"
Such is the tension between the occupants of Fiji's White House and their Prime Minister and Attorney General and it is only reasonable for Frank to try and down-play his attempts to remove Epeli by denying it all together.
Another occupant of a grand palace in Tonga, Ului Mara, have said that Frank and Aiyaz should be charged for sedition for spreading seditious remarks for their President Epeli, who is also Ului's brother-in-law, to step down.
So where did Ului Mara get that information from?
Being the brother of Fiji's first lady is a bonus and his inside knowledge of Frank and Aiyaz's remarks is first-hand information the two partners in crime will find hard to refute.

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