Friday, May 13, 2011

Military Regime's Colonel Tikoitoga Tells McCully to ‘get facts right’

Sai's Comments:
  • NZ's stance should be highly commended as it unequivocally makes it clear to the military regime ruling Fiji that it can't be trusted as it moves to control all aspects of Fijian life.
  • This seizure by Tikoitoga and his military supporters in the rugby fraternity in Fiji spells doom for rugby as it puts in place someone who is at the heart of the military regime and no doubt  will be going out of his way to dictate the running the rugby union in compliance with his mates in the illegal regime.
  • No wonder he has already supported agreeing to whatever the illegal regime wnats just so the rugby body could receive government funding for its World Cup campaign.
  • NZ is doing the right thing by penalising Tikoitoga and his military mates where it would hurt most - having any chance of attending the 2011 World Cup.
  • No wonder they're already thinking of crying foul to the IRB to see if NZ could grant them special favours allowing them to enter NZ. 

FBC News - 13 May 2011

Fiji Rugby Union chairman Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga has thanked the New Zealand government for promptly clarifying the ban they have imposed on military personnel playing in the national team.
NZ today confirmed that they will ban anyone with military connections from playing in or attending the World Cup.
Tikoitoga says this will allow the FRU to know where they stand as Fiji prepares for the World Cup – although they will still take up the issue of the players to the International Rugby Board.
Tikoitoga however attacked New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully for criticising his appointment as FRU chairman saying McCully needs to get his facts right.
He says he was elected to the position by the FRU Council and McCully was in no position to comment or interfere in FRU affairs.
"What the rugby council has done electing me onto the board as a director is a process of democratic nature. All the rugby unions were represented and all FRU constitutional requirements were met and I was elected to the post. Mr McCully should be informed that I was not nominated to the post by government. I was elected in a fair and democratic election by the rugby council of Fiji."
McCully said this morning the appointment of a military man to run the FRU was not the direction New Zealand wanted Fiji to take.
Earlier story…
New Zealand has confirmed that members of the Fiji team that have connections to the Fiji military will not be allowed into the country.
NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully says NZ is very clear on the ban.
Yesterday – Fiji Rugby Union Chairman Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga told FBC News – they will write to the International Rugby Board for the players who have military connections to be allowed into New Zealand.
He also called on New Zealand – to make a decision now – on whether Fiji citizens who have military connections or are related to military personnel - will be allowed to watch the Rugby World Cup.
McCully told NewsTalk ZB radio in NZ that the ban will stay and the appointment of a military man to run the rugby union is not the way they want to see Fiji go.
Colonel Tikoitoga told FBC News this morning – he will comment on the issue later today.

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