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Mara: 9% Bond a Chance for Bainimarama and Khaiyum to Line Pockets

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 29 May 2011

Roko Ului Mara continues to shed light on some of the inner workings of the illegal regime and Bainimarama's evil plans.

1) Since you've been in Tonga, do you think you've struck a blow for democracy? Are you getting under Bainmarama's skin? Khaiyum, too?
Definitely. The Bainimarama regime is reeling. My arrival in Tonga seems to be the only item on Bainimarama’s agenda at the moment. Let us hope that if he is concentrating on me it will divert his attention away from the economy where his interference always does harm. Being outside of Fiji I can speak openly about what has been happening for these past years and people are having their suspicions confirmed that this is a truly corrupt regime. I am in contact with Fiji all the time and people are telling me, they have hope and now they really can see the end of the Bainimarama Khaiyum puppet show.
It is clear that Bainimarama is clearly very angry and feels threatened. Khaiyum I am sure is checking the flight details of countries not covered by an extradition treaty with Fiji.

2) Has Bainimarama's health been an issue? Has it affected the way he runs the country?
I am not sure that his ill health has affected the way he runs the country. It does mean that he does not go to the office as often as he should but that is probably a blessing for Fiji.
What does affect the running of the country is his fragile mental state. He does not have the intellectual capacity to deal with the simplest problems. That is where Khaiyum comes in, he whispers an answer in Bainimarama’s ear and before you can say “Christopher Pryde Solicitor General” the country finds itself with another badly thought out decree.

3) How has this affected the way soldiers see Bainimarama? Army morale?
Army morale is at an all time low. The troops joined the RFMF to become soldiers, to go on peace keeping missions, to serve their country. The RFMF used to have a top reputation throughout the world but this reputation has been tarnished under the command of Bainimarama. They signed up to soldiers not politicians. When they go to their homes they can see how their families are suffering, how they are getting poorer. They are always being asked why did Bainimarama do this, why did he do that? They always have to defend him.
I speak to soldiers in the RFMF every day. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they follow their hearts they will be charged with insubordination or mutiny. If they follow their orders they will fall out with the people of Fiji. One day their hearts will win out.

4) Why did Fiji reject the IMF loan in 2010 and opt instead for a private loan?
Bainimarama and Khaiyum rejected the IMF loan for 2 reasons. Firstly because it had too many strings attached. The IMF would have demanded visibility on how the money was spent but also they would demanded to see that the promised economic reforms happened at a fast pace. The regime could not afford that. They say the money is for infrastructure development but it is really just going into the pot to pay salaries.
The second reason is that if the money came from the IMF Khaiyum and Bainimarama would not have been able to get their hands on any of the money. By taking the bond route and offering a 9% return, there were many opportunities for the 2 of them to line their pockets.
5) Which senior politicians conspired with the RFMF leadership to bring down Qarase’s government?
No senior politicians conspired to bring down Qarase. We got briefings on the economy and the corruption in Government, but it was an army coup through and through. We also got advice a lot of legal advice. Khaiyum and Nazhat Shameem were frequent visitors to Bainimarama’s house.
6) Has Bainimarama repaid the F$184,740  ‘back pay’ for 698 days of leave he said he would pay this back? No, of course he did not.
7) There have been murmurs about corruption in the RFMF payroll office. What has been happening and how bad was it? 
I have heard these rumours too. The officer you need to ask about the payroll is Aziz. It is his responsibility and he knows exactly what is happening in that office.
8) What has been going on with the Fiji National Provident fund? Who stole the $FD327 million written off by the FNPF in bad debts associated with the Natadola and Momi Bay tourism developments?
No one stole this money. Basically, FNPF paid too much to construct these 2 resorts and the true value was much lower than the value initially thought by FNPF. That is not to say that there was not serious mismanagement on the part of FNPF and there may well have been opportunities for people to make money illegal. You can accuse the regime of putting in a board and management team which were incapable of directing FNPF correctly. You cannot accuse it of stealing money from the FNPF.
9) Re application for political asylum: Have you lodged it yet and who is it for?
I have no plans to seek political asylum in New Zealand. I am planning on applying for a visa to travel to New Zealand. I will be travelling around the Pacific region to meet with leaders and discuss the true state of affairs in Fiji. New Zealand will be one of those countries I want to visit. It also has flights to a lot of the Pacific Islands so I imagine I will need to travel through Auckland often.
10)  Are you aware Risto Harmat, the Estonian fisherman, has been charged for obstructing the course of justice, for being out fishing with you in Kaduvu?
Answered in Q13

11) We've seen a statement Harmat father made to the French embassy.  It says: he and Risto were negotiating with Lau Shipping to buy a boat and a ferry from them. Where is this deal at the moment?

Answered in Q13

12) That same statement says you and Risto Harmat went fishing one day and that in the evening you asked him to put you to land at Kadavu island and at night, a Tongan ship came and took you to Tonga. What is your response?

Answered in Q13

13) Harmat's father was hoping to move to Fiji; he's worried that's not going to happen and that his son is going to go to prison or be expelled. Your response?
I can’t be specific in answering these questions for obvious reasons. However, here is a statement.
I am disgusted with the actions of the Bainimarama regime. They have charged Risto Harmat with obstructing the course of justice.
Since Sunday 14th May The regime have taken in for questioning over 15 of my relations, friends and colleagues. My wife has been questioned 7 days in a row. My niece was interviewed 5 times. Risto Harmat has been held for 7 days before being charged.
His charge is relatively minor because in all of these hundreds of hours of interrogation they were not able to find any substantive evidence that anybody in Fiji had knowledge of my departure from Fiji. I say again there were no accomplices, there was no grand plan.
I am told that the first thing CID say in their interviews is “the orders have come from the top”. One Detective even said “PM is the lead investigator”. Every evening all the reports were sent to Bainimarama so he could coordinate his witch-hunt against my family. With reports he was also told there was not enough evidence to charge anyone, but every time he would reply someone must be charged. Now it is plain to see just how much Bainimarama interferes in life in Fiji.
I am sorry my arrival in Tonga has had such dire consequences for Risto. I can’t believe that Fiji under Bainimarama has fallen to such a low level. With his every action Bainimarama is showing himself to be the Dictator he truly is.

14) A man who was taken to camp says he was taken up three times on your order. What is your response? 
I can say that at no time whilst a serving officer in the RFMF have I punched, kicked or in any way physically abused anybody. I have been present when it has happened. I have verbally abused people but never physically. As I have said before when I come back to Fiji I will answer to the people.

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