Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lau Declares War on Illegal Regime – Breaking news

Posted on - 25 May 2011

As we are all aware of a letter from the elders of Lau was published on Monday May 23RD 2011 for what they thinking of Frank and his government yesterday in blogs in Fijian.

As soon as the story got out, the police commissioner ordered the Lakeba police station which has 17 police officers to go bring the elders in Lakeba for questioning on orders of the Prime Minister.

They police officers led by a inspector who is station officer in Lakeba went to the elders yesterday who were in a meeting and asked them to be escorted to the police station - only to be told off.

Tuesday May 24TH May Development:

We are 100% correct and confirmation has been sort from the police and elders of Lau that a letter from the elders and landowners ( Bose Vaka Vanua) has been delivered to the Lakeba Police Station inspector yesterday morning giving them 48 hours to take the station and all police property off Lakeba.

In the letter is clearly stated: 

" we want the Fiji Police to take your police station and all building and personnel from our land, we have no place for you in here"

There is also talk that Lau will order all government buildings and personnel of their land should Frank try to oppress them and sort NZ navy help in protecting them.

We have been informed according to the navy Intel reports that NZ navy is conducting exercise jut off Fiji EEZ with Tongan navy

The letter has been faxed to the police commissioner who has taken the letter to Franks office just hours ago.

We are being informed that Frank is ordering the Navy to be deployed in Lau with members of police Ready Action Unit (50 men) and 3FIR guys from Tailevu (30 armed soldiers ) - to protect government properties in LAU.

In another development, Coup Four Point Five has posted a statement from the Tongan Government about its rescue of Roko Ului Mara stating that it should be confused as a matter of sovereignty.

Click here to read the Statement


vasu said...

vei kemudou na turaga ni lau,au kerekere sara dou vakama na police station

Anonymous said...

Me qai caka vei ratou na ovisa na ka dau caka mai delainabua... kada wavoki, duck walk ka vica toka na kenai motu lalai..