Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kiwi Under Travel Ban & Khaiyum's Aunty Spends Fiji Blood Money in Sydney

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 24 May 2011

NZ man Anthony Fullman on travel ban by Frank and Aiyaz

New Zealand national, Anthony Fullman, who was the regime’s appointee as CEO Water Authority of Fiji not too long ago, is now officially on a travel ban disallowing him from leaving the Fiji Island shores.

Fullman got his job through another Fiji-born New Zealander, John Prasad, the then Chairman of Water Authority of Fiji. He was also lobbied into the position by Ului Mara when he was still a force to be reckoned with at QEB.

In February 2011, Fullman followed his friend Ului’s tracks after he was also told to stand down from his CEO position pending an investigation.

Insiders say that Permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Enterprise, Elizabeth Powell, is now chairing the Water Authority of Fiji board and that she’s been tasked by her accomplice, Aiyaz Khaiyum, to make a case against Fullman and Ului.

Elizabeth is a shady character whose colorful background will soon be revealed while she plots to finish off one of their own man, Fullman.


Nur Bano Ali buys a multi-million dollars penthouse in Sydney with Fiji blood money

Records obtained from Australian authorities reveal that Nur Bano Ali and her family recently purchased a multi-million dollars penthouse overlooking the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

It is believed the penthouse is occupied by Mr and Mrs Ali’s son who is understood to be studying at a Sydney University.

Nur’s husband and business partner Zarin Ali are proprietors of what used to be BDO Ali, an accounting firm based in Suva. Their third partner is Sunil who also serves as Nur’s other half.

The three lost the international BDO Fiji franchise a few years ago after their operation was seen to be lacking in many facets of good governance,transparency and other strict pre-requisites required by the BDO parent body. In other words, their operation was a suspect and failed the BDO International test because of their many questionable dealings with some of their questionable clients like Frank’s regime.

Nur, Zarin and Kumar’s accounting firm is now known as AliZ.

Previous revelations on freedom blogs rightly highlight the $800,000 per annum fee the three are pocketing for their services to Frank and Nur’s pet nephew, Aiyaz Khaiyum.

So what exactly does AliZ do to justify their $800,000 taxpayers money fee?

Sweet bugger all with Frank, being the illegal Minister for Finance, approving quartely payments to AliZ to cover his cabinet’s total salary plus AliZ’s fees. And all that AliZ does is to make direct deposits to the imbecile Ministers’ bank accounts when their salary is due while they pocket the balance.

How brain-wrecking is that salary payment process for $800,000 service fees?

It’s not surprising therefore that Fiji taxpayers robbers like Nur, Zarin and Kumar can easily afford their over-the-top penthouse where they can freely indulge in their dirty play using Fiji’s blood money.


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