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Kiwi Deportation Imminent & Fiji President Dragging Feet on Dictator's regime

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 23 May 2011

First deportation over Mara fishing escapade: New Zealander Anthony Fullman

The former head of Fiji's Water Authority, New Zealander Anthony Fullman is being deported tonight.

Fullman who is a very close friend of Ratu Tevita Mara's has been questioned several times since Mara left for Tonga.

Sources say Fullman is being deported because his number was on Mara's phone the day he went fishing.

President: I am not gutless ... the people have to act before I can do something

The illegal president, Epeli Nailatikau, is reported to have told an advisor "I am not gutless."

Coupfourpointfive has been told by insiders that Nailatikau's comment is a response to the recent and repeated demands by people for him to "stop being gutless" and remove Frank Bainimarama from government.

Nailatikau and the regime were last week again at the crossroads, with insiders saying the regime was going to sack him within 24 hours because of claims he'd heldped  Roko Ului Mara, his brother-in-law, escape to Tonga.

Bainimarama dismissed the idea as mischief making but well-connected sources say the threat has been very real for some time and has become more so with Mara thwarting the regime.

The president is the only authority above Bainimarama and many people in Fiji believe it's time Nailatikau "stopped being gutless" and make use of his powers to topple the self-appointed government.

Coupfourpointfive has now been given an insiders' view of the discussions that have been taking place at government house and informally over a beer between advisors and Nailatikau, since the latest call for him to do something.

Insiders say the president has said "I am not gutless," adding: "People have been crying out on blogs sites and efforts are being made to draw me into a compromising position by declaring Frank's administration insolvent. Surprisingly, the international news agencies are carrying the same stories but the real solution to this lies in the hands of  the people of Fiji.

"How can they expect a HEAD of State to exercise his powers and intercept a running administration when the people themselves are roaming freely on streets singing and dancing - carrying on with their daily lives? Fiji currently has no instability and no complaints have been raised by the people of Fiji against Frank's administration."

Sources say the President feels the majority of people in Fiji are living a harmonious life in a secure and stable economy and nobody, even to the extent of a political party, has raised its voice against Bainimarama's administration.

They say he believes that "It doesn't matter what people say on blog sites or international media. The populace at home is at ease and the security forces in control of the national security - lobbying the Head of State through blogs is just like praying to win lotto without buying a ticket."

Insiders believe Nailatikau, who was handpicked by Bainimarama, is clearly stating that if the people of Fiji themselves can't stand up to Bainimarama's rule and are quietly accepting his policies, then he has no justification to exercise his powers.

But insiders also say that Nailatikau is also of the mind that "if people try to stand against the state with evidence and demand that the President take action, then the head of state can interfere in the normal running of a government".

Coupfourpointfive has been told that two Decrees (see below) have already been drawn up, allowing Nailatikau to sack Frank Bainimarama but that the President "can't act until there is a need to act." 

Decree to sack Frank Bainimarama

Extraordinary Decree of President taking charge

TV3 journalist could be deported today - Mara family questioning continues

TV3 journalist Michael Mora could be deported to New Zealand today.

Sources say the military regime doesn't like Mora interviewing members of Roko Ului Mara's family about why they are being taken in for questioning.

Several members of Mara's family have been questioned since he went to Tonga including his wife, sister, niece and her former husband.
A New Zealander, Anthony Fullman, the former head of Fiji's Water Authority, is also being questioned because his phone records show he had a conversation with Mara before he left for Tonga.
Tim McBride, the former husband of Mara's niece, Adi Koila Ganilau, has also been questioned several times but released. He is an American citizen.

An Estonian fisherman, Risto Harmant, (revealed by Coupfourpointfive yesterday as being in custody without legal representation) is still at central police station, 72 hours after he was taken in.

Harmant owns and was on the boat Mara went fishing in.

Sources say the CID wanted to release him but the orders from the police commissioner, attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama is to keep him detained.

Adi Koila Ganilau, Roko Ului's niece, has been questioned for the past four days from 9am until late at night. She has been called for questioning again this afternoon.

Sources say every member of Roko Ului's Mara's family are being watched and followed everywhere they go.

Editor's Note: Under the Public Emergency Decree:
  • the police can detain anyone for 7 days without charge for questioning.
  • the security forces have vast powers to detain anyone who they see as national security threat.
  • after 7 days the person in detention can be released without charge or the police have to charge and remand that individual further on the decision from the courts.


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