Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fiji’s media chief censor Professor Subramani exposed

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 25 May 2011

Fiji media chief censor Professor Subramani should be put on travel ban list on overthrow of dictator Bainimarama and his master handler Khaiyum 


Most of Fiji had remained in the dark over the on-going saga regarding Ratu Uli Mara’s “Great Escape” from the murderous and dictatorial regime of Frank Bainimarama. 

The vast majority of the peoples of Fiji were in the dark because of those obnoxious military censors who have been placed in the country’s newsrooms. What is fed to the oppressed is Government propaganda, with the regime trash Fiji Sun leading the news pack 

One man who has escaped the attention and criticism of most critics of the 2006 coup is Subramani, Professor of English Literature at the Fiji National University at the Nadi campus, in Namaka. 

If the illegal and treasonous attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is “Dr Evil”, Subramani is Fiji’s Goebbels, who unashamedly agreed to become the chairman of Fiji’s Media Industry Development Authority – a thoroughly corrupt and oppressive outfit which was appointed by the coup-installed Interim Government in the wake of revelations by the Fiji media of the stench of corruption in post 2006 coup coup land. 

Of course, the person who set out to destroy the media was one of Fiji’s most willing pom pom ‘coup girl’, Shaista Shameem, the former director of the discredited Human Rights Commission. Remember her famous riposte that the deportation of Fiji Times’ Evan Hannah and Fiji Sun’s Russell Hunter was in Fiji’s national security interest, and that the 2006 coup was “legal”. 

On 2 May Coupfourpointfive published a list entitled “The Rats who’re making excuses for Bainimarama and his illegal regime”. Oddly enough, Subramani is missing from that list. 

It is time Subramani, the master emasculator of the biggest story to emerge since the 2006 coup, the “Great Escape” of Ratu Ului to Tonga, should have a prime of place among the other “Rats” who have been slowly but steadily helping Bainimarama and Khaiyum to bleed Fiji to death. 

It is time to make sure that the author of Dauka Puraan, which Subramani wrote in demotic Fiji-Hindi, is held accountable for supporting a despotic regime – he truly and deservedly needs to be put on “The Rat List”. Demotic, we are told, denotes or relates to the kind of language used by ordinary people. 

Since he is part of the media machinery, which is denying the ordinary peoples of Fiji to hear Ratu Ului’s voice from Tonga, Subramani deserves no sympathy from us – its utter disgrace for his admirers to describe him as one of Fiji’s most prominent writers. 



Arvind Maharaj said...

Another emotional outburst, Victor?
You're no longer the reasoned commentator you once were. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Come on Victor.........dont lower your level to those of unjutified ctics.

Dont create more problems to the solution ...... help Fiji find the solution.

We are begining to loose the respect we ones have for Oxford if you are going to come down and compete with FNU.