Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fiji's Former 3rd Infantry Commander Rallies Lau

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 05 May 2011

Roko Ului Mara has come out fighting a day after being charged with sedition by his former masters.

Our sources say he has announced to the Vanua of Lau (after consulting all of the chiefs in the group), that Lau is no longer backing the Peoples Charter, a statement clearly showing  non-support for Bainimarama.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the former commander of the 500-strong 3rd Fiji infantry was at his Yatu Lau office today formalizing the recommendation for the Lau provisional meeting to adopt.

Roko Ului is the youngest son of the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and chair of the Lau Provincial Council.

The military was also out today to show its might. Predictably, the current land force commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, said the RFMF was 100 per cent  behind Bainimarama and would continue to protect Fiji citizens.
The police commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, meanwhile refused to say if anyone else will be charged.
Coupfourpointfive would like to remind readers of the list it printed just over a month ago (March 28) of those being  investigated by the police and the DPP, and those  shortlisted to be charged for allegedly trying to overthrow Bainimarama. 
Our list went like this:  
a) Roko Ului, Mohammed Aziz (although he remains in the army), Pita Driti from the Army
b) Tevita Lesu, SSP Tabakau, Tevita Uluilekeba from Police
c) Epeli Ganilau (picture right), the former Minister of Defence. 

The former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, was on the list to be interviewed but sources say the
questions that were sent to him remain unanswered.

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