Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fijian 3FIR Soldiers now on Dictator Frank’s Suspect List

Raw Fiji News - 21 My 2011

Revelation by Ului Mara that his soldiers in Fiji Military 3FIR are still loyal to him by giving him updates on what’s up at the QEB front, is making dictator Frank spew fire from his deceitful mouth.

Sources from the camp say they’ve been ordered to report to QEB for what they know is going to be a talking down session by their murderous leader, Frank Bainimarama.

Ever since Coup 4.5 posted their email interview with Ului Mara later this afternoon, Frank’s internet surfers reported the matter to him which has prompted a wholesale witch-hunt at QEB as we blog.

Investigation is now underway within the 3FIR unit.

We can report here that we have received “help disseminate the truth” messages from some of them who say they’re soo ready to be subjected to any form of physical assault by Frank and his torturers which will serve as evidence that Frank’s Military Forces is in tatters.

They say they’re required to report to QEB for a sudden “training” session.

Most of them, whose names we will not divulge for obvious reasons, have already informed their family members to consider them as “dead” if they don’t return home and to release their testimonials to High Commissions, Embassies, overseas media and some local contacts which they can substantiate with Ului Mara.

Is Ului Mara telling the truth about the support he and Pita Driti have from their subordinates at QEB?

Our insiders confirm that they do have the support of a good number of Fijian soldiers who are just waiting for the order to do what they have to do.

Which brings us back to the question – why didn’t Pita Driti and Ului Mara do what they believed they had to do when they were still in command?

The answer will be forthcoming from Pita and Ului themselves soon.

Aiyaz Khaiyum not happy with Magistrate Alofa Seruvatu

The man at the center of Pita Driti and Ului Mara’s defection from Frank’s Military Forces, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, is not happy with one of their illegally appointed magistrate, Alofa Seruvatu.

Alofa is the magistrate who presided over Driti and Ului’s first court hearing and it was she who allowed them bail giving them the freedom to return home.

Aiyaz is angry that it was because of Alofa that gave Ului the opportunity to slip through their security net and to sail away to Tonga.

Alofa hails from Papua New Guinea and was its First Secretary at the PNG High Commission in Fiji at one time.

She is married to a Fijian architect who works at the US Embassy in Suva.

Alofa is a very close friend of Koila Mara, Ului Mara’s sister and illegal first lady.

Sources say it was her close connection to Koila Mara that prompted Ului to lobby her into the magistrates job that she now holds.

So it comes as no surprise that Alofa did not tell the courts how very close she was to Ului Mara for she owed Ului a favor.

Aiyaz is expected to attack Alofa Seruvatu very soon.

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