Sunday, May 08, 2011

Fiji Dictator Using Police Commissioner to Target Former Colleagues

Sai's Comments:
  • Read below from someone in Fiji how interesting that Fiji's Dictator is now relying on very junior military officers for his survival.
  • As well, he is now using the illegal Police Commissioner to round up former senior colleagues who have left the military.
  • The truth is the Dictator is even more worried and nervous now than ever as his once loyal colleagues are now in the outer and no doubt actively plotting to boot him out from his perch.
  • The Dictator may run from his illegal enterprise but he cannot hide and sooner than later he will answer to the many charges against him since his illegal overthrow of a legal government.
  • For Fiji's sake, pray it is much much sonner.
Posted on - 07 May 2011

"I did warn on the situation Fiji will be in and Police Commissioner will play a critical role :  If you didnt think carefully go to my page all blogs that i have published .. all has come true .. hasn't it?

Uluilakeba, Driti,Teleni, Lynman and Aziz are scape goats. What is being done to them deserves them right because they were supposed to be martyrs and champions for the course of the people's freedom. In actual fact they were the master movers and drivers for those notable tortures and arrests of honest people protesting for their own rights and freedoms. They were the plotters of death plans and murder of soldiers and civil citizens.

The blood spilled on those cell walls in the camp, the women brutalized and raped are living spirits created by God. These spirits are coming back to haunt them until justice and truth is displayed. The plan plot to unsit Bainimarama in his reign as Commander is not a new plan.Ratu Inoke the high chief of Naitasiri is still in prison for his plan plot to unsit Bainimarama as Commander.His appeal case is still pending in court.

What is new on the arrest of Ului,Driti,Aziz and Lynman? They were called to answer questions at the Nabua Police Station for their alleged involvement in the planned plot to remove Frank from power upon the testimony given by conman Ben Padarath. Is this the real issue?

We believe it is a well orchestrated plan by Frank to use Naivalurua as CP to conduct this investigation with the real intention to remove Driti and Ului permanently from the army. The investigation was just a white wash. The target is to pile case after case for the court to decide at the same time gives PM the legitimate reason to put them out totally.

Our elite intelligent source from the police informed us the huge big breakthrough that is now being wrapped underground with  high sensitive secret command, control and security is the compilation of high profile well coordinated affidavits of senior officers, lawyers, civil servants, bankers, private business executives and private senior citizens and politicians of volumes of information to interdict PM, his cabinet ministers, senior officers and executive appointees. The elite intelligence special task force from CID have compiled large volumes of information dated back in Dec 5,2006 to date.

The plot to investigate Ului, Driti, Teleni and Epeli Ganilau was motivated by Baimarama through Naivalurua. These two officers Frank and Naivalurua were not initial plotters of the 2006 coup they were on holidays when the coup took place. They came only to the front when everything is plain sailing The real culprits are Teleni,Driti,Ului,Lynman and Aziz. Naivalurua according to our intelligence source is improvising a strategy to save his face from the hand of the law by organizing his own special task force to complete the investigation on the allegation against the plot to unsit Baimarama.

The real position Naivalurua is he is coming with a dagger underneath a cloak and this will be surfacing soon. Bainimarama is losing many good friends and many loyalist. He is now being advised by very young immature officers and hitman of the army. Frank is holding guilty the spilled blood of the dead soldiers he commanded to be killed. He is not willing to listen to any deep visionary advise because he is thinking of no one else he is greater than himself.

The paper work to interdict Frank is  well protected under a no go zone stacked  neatly on a people's established network compiled within the  police force and backed by prominent people, human activist and  they are tasked with this responsibility to take the regime to the international court of justice. The violation of human rights, torture, murder, extortion, crime against humanity are some quoted charges. There are many more. These underground elite intelligence sources are civil servants and military officers."

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