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Fiji Dictator Hits Back & Places Ului Mara’s Wife on Travel Ban

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 19 May 2011

Ului Mara’s wife Delores is reported to be on a travel ban.

It is said that Frank Bainimarama sees Delores as a good “hostage” to use against her own husband, Ului Mara, who from Tonga has promised to do damage to Frank’s power struggle.

Delores is not the first Fiji citizen to be placed on travel ban out of Fiji and will not be the last.

Sources say that Delores pharmacy business will be scrutinized by Frank’s goons soon as Fiji’s dictator dives deeper into his intimidation rituals specifically targeted on Ului Mara and his immediate family members.

Frank tells Fiji Development Bank to pull the rug on Ului Mara
There are revelations from Fiji today that Frank has personally instructed Fiji Development Bank (FDB) to call up Ului Mara’s home loan.

Ului is said to have been given a home loan facility from FDB to purchase a property in Tamavua where he and his family was residing prior to his boat ride to Tonga.

This is the same house that was recently raided and is now under military watch.

Sources from within say Ului started defaulting on his repayments after he was removed from his military executive position late last year.

It is reported that he made arrangements with the bank and sought bridging finance from other sources.

But Frank is not interested in the current arrangement between FDB and Ului and has instructed the bank to place Ului’s property under mortgagee sale.

This vindictive pay-back move by Frank is his way of punishing Ului for deserting him.

It is also in line with his instruction to CEO Fiji Inland Revenue and Customs Authority, Jitoko Tikolevu, to place a charge on every asset directly or indirectly owned by Ului Mara.

Ului Mara’s bank account and assets have been frozen by Frank and Co.

Frank determined to remove Nailatikau
Human torturer Frank Bainimarama is a dictator who will do everything in his power to cling onto the final straws of his rulership.

He will harm, kill and lie if that is what it takes to retain his glory for at least another day.

Don’t believe him when he says he will not remove his own President Epeli Nailatikau because he will.

Frank and his inner circle don’t like to dance to the tune strummed by bloggers and the international media.

It will make them look stupid and not in control if they are seen to be doing exactly what the bloggersphere and the international media are posting as on-time tip-offs from their well placed sources.
Simple questions one should ask are:

1. Why is Epeli Nailatikau in Rotuma and what is he doing there when there is anxiety amongst the Fijian public caused by his brother-in-law Ului Mara’s statements from Tonga?

2. Why is it that Frank is the one who has to tell the world that Epeli Nailatikau is in Rotuma when it is the President’s office duty to disseminate Epeli’s community visits if that is what he’s really doing in Rotuma?

3. Why can’t anyone including family members access the Nailatikaus to this day after Ului Mara’s abscondment to Tonga became public knowledge?

It seems that the bloggers and international media have worked to the benefit of Epeli Nailatikau and his wife Koila Mara by prolonging their presidential and first lady roles. However, it is clear as daylight that Frank will remove the first couple when the Ului Mara saga quietens down.

Does Epeli and Koila have what it takes to stop Frank from removing them?

Does Epeli have enough clout with his Fiji Military Forces as its Commander in Chief?
Frank acting like a fugitive at sea
It’s no surprise that navy deck-hand Frank Bainimarama does not feel safer anywhere else except out at sea looking out from a boat deck checking to see if there’s frogmen snorkelling around trying to take him down.

Frank is believed to be killing time in the Kadavu waters while his group of security scout guards take to Suva City to sus out if it’s safe for him to return.

Security on the ground is high and Fiji residents are tense with all sorts of reports bombarding them from Tonga, NZ, Australia and the uncensored cyberworld.

Even Frank is responding to the heightened security in mainland Viti Levu and is delaying his return to Suva while he delicately plan his re-entry back to mainland on-board a Fiji naval sea vessel. He is acting like a fugitive at sea.

He doesn’t want the public to know his moves and whereabouts just yet and is depending entirely on the feedback from his 50 odd security guards to direct him to his next political campaign venue and meet the people event.

His regime declared a media black-out on his once pet boy, Ului Mara’s rhetorics after his mercy boat ride to Tonga.

But a gap is visible within the regime’s media censors as all Fiji mainstream media carried news items today referring to Ului Mara as their main news subject.

Expect Frank to make his visibility more pronounced come tomorrow through his pro-Frank media personnel in Vijay Narayan of FM96, Riyaz Khaiyum, Stanley Simpson of Radio Fiji, Peter Lomas and Leone Cabenatabua of Fiji Sun.
Frank Bainimarama wants to send Iowane Naivalurua on leave
Insiders say that Frank and his group of four advisors, Nazhat Shameem, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Anthony Gates and Christopher Pryde want their Police Commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, out by sending him on a long extended leave.

They don’t trust Iowane, a well schooled soldier who is yet to apply his learnings in protecting the lives and interest of the Fijian people before himself.

The situation in Fiji right now is very sticky and the most obvious thing Frank will do is to eliminate all his senior officers he believe are not loyal to him, and Iowane falls under that category.

In Iowane’s place, Team Frank wants to plant someone they can all trust and that man is none other than Frank’s own ex-convict brother-in-law and now Head of the Fijian Navy, Francis Kean.

Iowane Naivalurua is a known chamillion and has been branded as a “spineless” soldier who will sell his soul to the enemy to keep his salary packet coming.

Contacts who know Iowane say that even-though he has been a great disappointment, he must not be ruled out as an underdog who can bite Team Frank when the time is right for him.

Does Iowane have the time and the guts to bite Frank or is he happy to see his master send him off?

Epeli Nailatikau and Koila Mara under house arrest
Sources from Fiji say that the regime appointed President and Commander in Chief, Epeli Nailatikau and his wife Koila Mara are under house arrest and are expected to be taken away to an undisclosed location.

This latest development followed Epeli’s move to officially remove Frank Bainimarama, his cabinet, members of the judiciary, and key individuals acting as advisors to dictator Frank.

Epeli made his move earlier on by sending a warning to all members of Fiji’s security forces, including Frank himself that he will be calling the shots in as far as Fiji residents safety, security and stability is concerned.

Sources say that Frank and his team are not taking Epeli’s move lightly and are retaliating by cutting off all contacts and access including telephone, internet, TV and other mode of communication to Epeli’s family.

Attempts by friends and relatives of the Nailatikau’s to get through to them have failed.

This is Koila Mara’s second time to be taken as hostage by coupsters.

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