Friday, May 20, 2011

Dictator Frank Was Not To Be Interim PM After 2006 Coup - He's Just Power Hungry

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 20 May 2011
A civilian, not Frank Bainimarama was to be interim Prime Minister
Pita Driti and Ului Mara will soon testify that Frank Bainimarama was not meant to be interim Prime Minister following the 2006 coup they helped instigate.

It is said that when Frank, as Military Commander announced he had removed the Qarase government and assumed executive powers from President Iloilo on the afternoon of December 5th 2006, he was supposed to have appointed a civilian caretaker government headed by a non-political Fijian national as early as January 2007.
Instead, he held onto the executive powers until he was able to convince the ousted President to side with him and in return, he will re-appoint him as President of his illegal junta.

Frank convinced his military council that it was not a good idea to hand over executive powers to someone else but to re-appoint his puppet Iloilo as President before they chose a civilian line up to run their illegal government.
Frank was acutely aware of his own bad experience with Laisenia Qarase, the guy he helped bring to political prominence by appointing him as interim Prime Minister in 2000.

According to Frank, Qarase betrayed him and was behind the releasing of prominent chiefs and others who were sent to jail for their part in the 2000 George Speight coup.
Frank was also angry with Qarase for not showing him any mercy on the treasonous charges about to be laid against him by the Fiji Police intelligence headed by Andrew Hughes who was the Fiji Police Commissioner back then.
But as history have shown, Frank bulldozed his way in and got Iloilo to appoint him as interim Prime Minister instead of returning to the barracks as initially planned and to pull the strings from there.

Expect more revelations soon surrounding this subject matter from Ului Mara in Nukualofa.


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