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Dictator Feels the Heat from Blog Revelations

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 25 May 2011

Back to democracy freedom bloggers irks Frank Bainimarama

Fiji’s dictator Frank Bainimarama can’t help but make references to freedom blogs to substantiate some of his arguments.

He is fully aware of the power of information being circulated from the realms of the bloggers-sphere.

He knows he is engaged in an invisible warfare played out on an invisible war field he is ill-equipped to win.

It’s a war that will consistently put him and his few supporters on check and defence mode 24/7.

Today, Frank has used one of his mouth-piece at a Fijian radio station to try and dispel the $700,000 per annum salary he is receiving.

He refuted the salary amount, yet he failed to tell the Fijian public exactly how much he’s been paid by struggling taxpayers to validate his point that he’s not a big time public purse thief.

It would have helped him immensely if he had given a copy of his salary slip to the radio station to prove his point but instead, he candidly said, “If I was getting that amount of money, there needs to be an investigation done because I’m not taking it home, somebody else is taking it home.”

We can tell you that what Frank said is not too far from the truth for that “somebody else” he is referring to, to be investigated is AliZ, the accounting firm owned by Nur Banu Ali, Zarin Ali and Kumar who dispatches Frank and his cabinet members’ salaries to their personal bank accounts – whatever AliZ does for Frank, Aiyaz Khaiyum knows too!

What many don’t know is the fact that AliZ has been remitting some of Frank’s personal funds (part salary and part kick-backs) to offshore investment accounts under the guise of some trust held in tax-haven countries.

Nur’s husband Zarin is an expert in this type of dealings and is known to have launded large amounts of money via Western Union and other money exchange companies in Fiji owned by some of their shady clients and friends.

Perhaps it’ll do Frank good to open up an investigation into the affairs of AliZ as he had stated in his radio interview and while he is at it, he might want to hand in his salary slip to the Fijian media to prove the bloggers wrong!

Bainimarama don’t like NZ John Key wooing his insiders

Fiji’s gestapo leader, Frank Bainimarama, is said to be fuming by NZ Prime Minister John Key’s suggestion that they might consider giving fugitive Ului Mara and family political asylum in the land of the long white clouds.

Frank is questioning John Key’s motive with the knowledge that it has somewhat given his other key military insiders something to think about if and when they are contemplating defecting like Ului.

Frank is also angry that John Key is giving his 50 security personnel some ideas, who like his senior security forces officers, will be rehearsing in their minds how to reduce court charges against them when the gravel falls.

These security guards know Frank’s every move and it is them that the dictator knows are within an arms length from flicking his ears if they want to.

They’re also potential witnesses to every court cases that will be mounted against Frank.

So is John Key’s suggestion likely to attract Frank’s officers?

It might, but we doubt majority of John’s electorates will accept the idea of their country being used as a political dumping ground for Frank’s coup whistle-blowing refugees.

A Fijian mother’s cry for her country

So many things have been said and we all wait to hear from the horses mouth the ‘truth’… doing what he (Ului Mara) did, and for the reasons that he did them – let that rest on his head always……we have prayed and fasted for the truth to be revealed and that God’s will be done….it has taken 4 long years…and the fight still goes on…

The people of Fiji are not blind, not dumb and we are not stupid – NO, NO, NO….we have come through alot since that eventful day in Dec 2006 – we have suffered and we bore it in silence…silent tears, silent wails in our hearts that no one else heard…we lost our children, we saw them suffer beatings that would have been too hurtful for any mother to see….we have cried with frustration and anger….yet we did not lose hope…

So someone from the other camp has defected – let us give him the chance to tell us what he knows – does this mean that we will accept all that he divulges ‘hook, line & sinker’?? Credit us all with some intelligence please to make up our own minds after we have heard his piece – it does not nullify what he has done, where his hand had dabbled, what he had participated in – that was ‘legally wrong yet morally right!!’, what orders he gave to cause so much pain, loss and hurt to the people of Fiji……OH NO – he will not be nullified at all – he will be judged accordingly

Now we need to hear the names, the positions, the where’s, the what’s and the how’s….they need to be exposed – the inner machinations, the nameless cowards who have caused so much heartaches and so much suffering in our land – those high up in the economic ladder who did this for their own survival, those who filled their pockets, those who were in for the quick buck….they need to be exposed and they need to be judged accordingly…..

How long this will take, we don’t know….we have waited 4.5 yrs and we can wait abit more….

Reapi Nayacakalou-Kubunavuravura

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