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Dictator Defends Side Kick Khaiyum While President Marks Time

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 25 May 2011

Dictator Bainimarama’s defence of “megalomaniac” Khaiyum as Indo-Fijian flies in face of “We are all Fijians Now” Slogan


The dictator was at his best stupidity again, displaying the confusion and deceit his illegal regime has become famous for – the most latest is his lashing out at those who agree with Ratu Ului Mara that Frank Bainimarama is being manipulated by the megalomaniac Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
In an interview with the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, Bainimarama has criticised those he says are attacking Khaiyum because he is an Indo-Fijian. He claims that those attacking his pet handler are racist by nature, and that, by extension, means the likes of me, who has repeatedly attacked Khaiyum over multiple decrees he has brought in since the treasonous 2006 coup.

“Everyone blames AG because he is one of the two Indo-Fijians in cabinet. It is more racial than anything else,” claimed the dictator. Oops, by calling him “dictator”, presumably I am offending the Fijians, for Bainimarama comes from the Fijian community.

Whatever happened to the dictator’s military decree, which he brought on the advice of Khaiyum – based on his (Khaiyum’s) racist SUNSET CLAUSE to finish off the Fijians as a people in their own homeland. We may recall that the illegal Bainimarama (Khaiyum) government has passed a decree that all Fiji citizens must now be called “Fijians”, while indigenous Fijians would be called “I-Taukei.”

Also, a Fijian Affairs Amendment Decree was gazetted which sees all written laws amended by deleting the word “Fijian” wherever it appears and wherever it currently refers to indigenous Fijians. The decree signed off by President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau also stated that all state documents of any nature whatsoever, are consequentially amended by deleting the word “Fijian” wherever it appears and wherever it currently refers to indigenous Fijians, and replacing it with “i-Taukei”, unless the context otherwise requires. The Fijian Affairs Act has also been cited as the i-Taukei Affairs Act.

Is Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum an Indo-Fijian or a Fijian? He is definitely, an Indo-Fijian, for the dictator has told the whole world now!

President Nailatikau must take Bainimarama by the horns

The dictator has a history of betraying “stonewalling” occupiers of Government House


According to top secret documents on me, Vosanibola (left) had earlier in the afternoon met Madraiwiwi (right)  at the Government House but had felt highly restrained, and he explained “why” to the acting President: “My apology for feeling rather restrictive during my audience with Your Excellency this afternoon as I felt constrained by the presence of the Aide de Camp. This arose from my understanding of an additional requirement to the usual Aide de Camp brief that requires the officer to update the Commander of occurrences at Government House.”

What Vosanibola was unaware of was that the power hungry dictator (desperate to get his army contract renewed) had placed an additional “spy” at Government House, in the person of another Aide de Camp.

Therefore Vosanibola resorted to penning a highly confidential letter to Madraiwiwi: “Much as the Government would like to go ahead with its efforts it is finding it extremely difficult and almost impossible to go ahead with its responsibilities when the head of the military establishment continues to demonstrate arrogance and frequently usurps the role of Government on policy matters. The Government has been responsible about the Commander for a long time. Might I add that it has come to a point that the Government can no longer tolerate this kind of behaviour.”

The Laisenia Qarase government, therefore, explored various solutions, including a diplomatic positing, as Vosanibola informed Madraiwiwi: “I would therefore like to advice your office that the Prime Minister has considered a number of options. As a start the Prime Minister is prepared to consider giving the Commander a diplomatic posting as a way of dealing with the situation and moving the country forward.”

Vosanibola also submitted, what he termed, “a list of incidence and cases that involves the Commander. These are serious allegations and the Commander is resisting all attempts by the Police to investigate these.” Among the list was two requests from the Police to interview Bainimarama over the murder of rebel soldiers following the November 2000 mutiny.

On 18 April Vosanibola had reminded Bainimarama regarding “Your Future Public Pronouncements”: “You are aware that under Section 112(2) of the Constitution, your exercise of military executive command of RFMF is subject to my control. The making by you of public pronouncements upon or affecting issues of national security public safety and public order is also under my control.”

On 19 April Madraiwiwi wrote to Bainimarama whereby he reiterated the need for him (Bainimarama) to follow the Government’s directive as issued from Vosanibola’s office on 18 April. On 25 April Bainimarama acknowledged the receipt of Vosanibola’s letter, informing the Minister that he had already discussed the issues raised by Madraiwiwi. He had sweet-talked (hood-winked) Madraiwiwi to his side.

”Let the Mad Dog Lie”

In October 2005, as the tension deteriorated to a breaking point, Madraiwiwi wrote on behalf of President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, to Vosanibola: “His Excellency the President has given the issue much thought. HE is of the view that the matter should be left in abeyance for the moment.”

Madraiwiwi continued: “Any precipate move against the Commander would create instability and uncertainty that the nation can ill-afford. While HE does not condone the Commander’s actions in recent months, they need to be seen in the context of his genuine concern and fear about a return to May, 2000. Moreover, HE cannot overlook the critical role the Commander and the military played in restoring stability and civilian rule subsequently. Those turbulent events, by happenstance, further expanded the role of the military. It will take some time to restore the status quo ante of 14 May 1987.”

Madraiwiwi described the close relationship that Bainimarama supposedly enjoyed with Iloilo as that of a “father and son”. He told Vosanibola: “One should bear in mind the close and fatherly relationship the Commander enjoys with HE. This was forged in the days following George Speight’s attempted coup, when the Commander stood with HE against the forces of anarchy and provided invaluable support and reassurance. HE will only proceed against the Commander when placed in a situation where there is no alternative. Presently, HE does not believe that point has been reached.”

Madraiwiwi concurred with Iloilo’s stance and reminded Vosanibola: “Sometimes, forbearance is politic, courageous and statesmanlike. That, I would respectfully suggest, holds in present circumstances.”

Madraiwiwi had been taken for a ride. As Russell Hunter and I will be disclosing in our forthcoming book (Treason in Paradise – Commodore Frank Bainimarama and the 2006 Fiji Coup: The Inside Story), Bainimarama was part of the conspiratorial team that had overthrown the Chaudhry government. He was also a part of the team that had deceived Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara to step aside in 2000, paving the way for “Fatherly Iloilo” to become President.

In March 2006, a frustrated Vosanibola had asked: “I respect Government House but the time has come for them to act. Why has Government House been sitting on this?”

The oppressed peoples of Fiji and around the world are asking the same question to the present President Epeli Nailatikau rather than taking the raging dictator by the horns, decided to play defensively towards him, a decision he must have come to regret when he was forcibly bundled out of Government House shortly after the treasonous 2006 coup.

It is time President Nailatikau took Bainimarama by the horns. If not, he and the First Lady could find themselves bundled out Government House, and dropped by Fiji Navy, commanded by dictator’s ex-convict brother-in-law, inside Tongan waters, to join Ratu Ului Mara in Tonga.
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