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Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 15 May 2011

BEST FOOT FORWARD?: Baini and co.
Fiji's illegal leader has just finished addressing the nation  describing Roko Ului Mara as a fugitive, urging the Tongan Royal Family to help end what he said was a conspiracy by self-interested individuals.

Bainimarama also said Ului had help to flee Fiji and the police commissioner would investigate to find out who aided him.

He said: "His fleeing from Fiji now makes him a fugitive under the Extradition Act."

Bainimarama said documents will be presented to the Fiji courts tomorrow to start extradition orders against Mara.

"This is a sad state of affairs ... sad in the fact the fleeing and the extraction of Tevita also demonstrates to us all that there are some people in Fiji who have facilitated this illegal act."

He said the Fiji government takes strong exception to the breaches of Fiji sovereignty and intended to talk to the prime minister of Tonga.

He said Mara was supposed to have surrendered his passport but had not and has therefore breached bail.

"Ratu Tevita's actions is an act of despicable nature for one who is accused of offences against Fijian law."

He said as well as the sedition charges, investigations have also revealed Ului's  involvement in missing three million dollars from Fiji Pine Trust.

"All who break the law are made accountable."

He said the government of Fiji wanted to maintain harmonious relations with the government of Tonga.

"It would be unfortunate for an individual to compromise this historical relationship."

He said: "On behalf of the people of Fiji I urge the Tongan Royal Family, the Tongan prime minister, the government of the kingdom of Tonga and also the people of Tonga who I know cherish their inexplicable cultural, economic and and political ties with Fiji to stop this conspiracy by a handful of self-interested individual."

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