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Another Potential Fijian Dictator – Bainimarama’s Son Meli

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 28 May 2011

The making of another potential Fijian dictator – Frank Bainimarama’s son Meli Bainimarama

What kind of a father teaches his son to watch him torture women and send him to stand guard, fully armed with deadly guns, outside a democratically elected Prime Minister’s house as he awaits his father’s announcement that he has executed a coup among other things?
This, unfortunately, is Meli Bainimarama’s reality, the only son of Fiji’s tyrant, Frank Bainimarama.
Meli, a Frank Military Forces officer himself, is one of his father’s key hit man.
He takes pride in his father’s tyranny and he likes to boast about it on his social network facebook page.
Some close to him also recall how rowdy he gets when drunk and has been walloped at a popular dance spot in Suva for his arrogance a few times already.
Meli Bainimarama - terrorist in the making?
On his facebook page, Meli list his favorite quotation as - ”tho i shall walk thru the valley of the shadow of death,i shall fear no evil,coz i am the meanest motherfucker there is.”-General George S Patton
He list his “work” as “soldier for hire”.
Disturbing is an understatement to describe Meli Bainimarama’s state of mind. He obviously need proper counselling and psychiatric help to realign his values from the dangerous terrorist-like teachings his father is instilling in him.
He has no qualms about this controversial picture below which he has posted on his Facebook page.
Meli Bainimarama's facebook posting of a gun resting on a Fijian version Good News Bible
Meli’s picture above is an insult to majority Christian Fijian residents and truly depicts his father’s actions against the Methodist Church of Fiji he tried to dismantle.
Should Meli Bainimarama be charged for showcasing his gun in this reckless and insensitive manner?
Is it a good enough reason to decommission him too?
How is it that a young junior military officer like Meli have casual access to a gun pictured here? Is this how easy it is to access guns at FMF?
Fijian dictator Bainimarama arrest warrant sought
Women basher Frank Bainimarama and his soldier son, Meli Bainimarama who was also named by victims as one present at torture grounds
Fugitive Lt Col Ului Mara’s confession that dictator Frank Bainimarama had personally assaulted three defenseless pro-democracy women, Laisa Digitaki, Virisila Buadromo and Jacquline Koroi, is hard evidence of the dictator’s crime against humanity in the island state.
We are told that other Fijian civilians who also identified Frank Bainimarama as their torturer are now coming forward to give their full account.
Sources say that a group of distinguished persons are working behind the scenes to collaborate Ului Mara’s confession against civilians’ testimonials as they prepare to lodge an official application to the International Criminal Court  in The Hague, Netherlands, to seek an arrest warrant for dictator Frank Bainimarama for his crimes against humanity, specifically the Fijian people by targeting civilians in his crackdown against those who don’t agree with his 2006 coup d’etat.
Brigadier Pita Driti will also provide his affidavit to confirm Frank Bainimarama’s reckless assaults against the three ladies and others including Frank’s orders to cause damage to targeted individuals properties.

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