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Alcoholic Fiji Dictator May Send NZ Acting High Commissioner Home

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 26 May 2011

Alcoholic Frank Bainimarama a Public Mess

Frank's drunkenness not a good example to Fiji's youngsters

Frank Bainimarama doesn’t hide his like to drink and get drunk.

There has been many reports of his embarrassing public antics that is unbecoming of a nation’s Prime Minister.

Frank is a known alcoholic and the picture above proves it.

Tell-it-all Ului Mara might like to enlighten us soon.


Roko Ului Mara says Frank and Aiyaz may send NZ Acting High Commissioner home yet again

When Ului Mara was referred by Radio Tarana to Frank Bainimarama’s warning directed at New Zealand Prime Minister John Key to stay away from Tonga and Fiji issue, Ului Mara replied by questioning as to what issues Frank was referring to – whether it was about his matter or the disputed Minerva Reef located near Tonga, 1500kilometers north of Auckland and claimed by Tonga in 1972, but now fiercely disputed by Frank’s regime who are also laying claim on it by destroying the light-houses built there by the Tongan government just last year.

Ului went further to question why Frank may still be interested in his matter considering that it was Frank who publicly announced last week that Ului Mara’s issue was a non-issue.

On the issue regarding John Key and his New Zealand government’s interest in him, Ului Mara had this to say, ”NZ is in a difficult position. Clearly they want to see democracy return to Fiji as soon as possible and I believe they would like me to help achieve that, however there are many New Zealand interests in Fiji and they must safeguard those. I think if the New Zealand government comes out too strongly in support of me, I think we might see their Acting High Commissioner become persona non-grata again in Fiji. You know rational decision- making is not the strength of Khaiyum – Bainimarama’s puppet owner.”

Roko Ului Mara says Frank Bainimarama involved in ousting Mahendra Chaudhry’s government in 2000

Ului Mara is definitely causing a havoc in Team Frank’s fortress.

During Mara’s recent interview with Radio Tarana, NZ, Mara rebutted Frank Bainimarama’s “race card” excuse which Frank tried to use to shoot down Mara’s revelation that Frank is a puppet of Aiyaz Khaiyum.

Frank accused Mara and anti-coup advocates in general that they are “racist” for daring to remind him that Aiyaz is his master and how the two are destroying their beloved Fiji.

Below is an excerpt of Mara’s interview.

Radio Tarana:   He (Frank Bainimarama) says that your comment about AG is racist. What’s your take on this?

Mara:   I’m not a racist and I don’t think I’ve made a racist comment. The remarks about two individuals (referring to Frank’s reference to his two Indo-Fijian cabinet members, Aiyaz and Neil Sharma) and race does not come into it. It’s to the national interest of the people in Fiji to understand that Bainimarama is the puppet of Khaiyum. 

And we are following Khaiyum’s vision for Fiji and not Bainimarama’s. The problem here is that Bainimarama doesn’t understand the word “racist”. He also has a very short memory forgetting his support to the cause behind the overthrow of Chaudhry’s government in 2000.


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