Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aiyaz Khaiyum’s Marriage of Convenience Strained

Posted on RAw Fiji News - 22 May 2011

Treasonous Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum surprised many when he announced he was marrying his new found babe he picked up from the touristy Nadi Town Bula Festival week. 

He was the chief guest invited to crown Miss Bula. 

His babe Ela was one of the contestants sponsored by her Radisson Fiji Resort employer. 

She failed to impress the judges but she managed to bag herself the chief guest and Fiji’s notorious con-artist Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. 

She appeared at a time when Aiyaz was facing much pressure from the military top brass to be removed from his decree making role. 

Frank had already told Aiyaz how his top boys were pressuring him to kick him out. 

Aiyaz was even confronted and told off by Driti at a Nadi Resort during a government hosted function. 

Driti warned Aiyaz not to mess with indigenous Fijian affairs or else. 

Aiyaz knew that he was now viewed as the Hitler to the indigenous Fijian race. He had to quickly scheme a plan to dispel that perception and also find good reasons to convince Frank to remove Driti and Ului instead of him. 

In came Ms Ela Gavoka who had issues trying to make something of herself. 

She was once said to be an aspiring bride to the Na Kalevu, Ratu Makutu’s son but she lost out to another lady. 

Ela comes from a good stock and her father is a well known pro-democracy advocate who was fired by Aiyaz Khaiyum himself from his CEO Tourism Fiji role after he was identified as one of those Fijian executives who was very anti-coup. 

How Ela fell for her father’s own attacker is a classic case of “love is blind” for Aiyaz’s smooth con-man ways was impossible for her to resist. 

Aiyaz knew he was going to split Ela’s family with his marriage proposition but he didn’t give two hoots about the Gavoka’s except for his own self-preservation from angry indigenous Fijians. 

Now with Ela on his side, he can display to the Fijians and the world that he loves indigenous Fijians and has married one to prove it. 

But all is not well at the Khaiyum’s home. 

Sources say that Ela is unhappy about text messages her husband continues to receive from some of his old flame. 

She is also saddened to finally realize how much hurt she has inflicted on her loving father, who failed to turn up to the wedding ceremony. 

Sources say Ela was very close to her Dad but Aiyaz has put a deadly wedge between father and daughter. 

They say that with Ela’s move from Nadi to Suva, she has finally realized the reality that she’s in and that it ain’t rosy as con-man Aiyaz had described to her. 

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