Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sister of QEB Goon waiting for New Zealand visa

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 19 April 2011

MILITARY TIES: Una Rokoura (right), the sister of army operative, Captain Aseri Rokoura.

GOON SQUAD: Rokoura middle.
The sister of one of the military soldiers identified as a QEB Goon is one of the Fiji Netball team officials waiting for a New Zealand visa.

Assistant coach, Una Rokoura, is the sibling  of Captain Aseri Rokoura, the soldier who was identified as one of the army operatives behind the brutal assault of Felix Anthony of the Trade Union Congress in February.

Una Rokoura's brother is a trusted member of the inner gang of the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama whose regime has been conducting wide sweeps and arrests recently.

Rokoura and others like Major Ben Naliva have been identified as the thugs behind their beatings by citizens who've been assaulted. The beatings, of course, have been carried out at the barracks in Suva.

The Fiji Netball team is scheduled to fly out on Monday but as of today still didn't have visas.

Team officials were expecting to know soon if everyone will be able to travel. 
Una Rokoura and midcourt Bernie Daurewa both have military connections and could be denied visas by New Zealand who imposed the ban on military and their families because of the 2006 coup.

The ban, of course, continues to be controversial and debated with the regime trying to railroad New Zealand and the IRB into allowing Bainimarama and his cohorts to attend the Rugby World Cup in September.

The Fiji Netball team will be in New Zealand for at least two weeks and will play the Western Australian team who will also be touring New Zealand.

The New Zealand tour is part of the build-up for Fiji Netball's defence of the Pacific Cup in Papua New Guinea in June and the World Championships in Singapore in July.

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