Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Land Deal

Fiji Sun News - 21 April 2011

A meeting of all bauxite stakeholders, the first of its kind in Fiji, is the way forward now for all developments to be carried out here.

Commissioner Northern, Lieutenant- Colonel Inia Seruiratu has been appointed to chair the Bauxite stakeholders meeting.

Permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimoni Kau, confirmed the appointment and said various meetings would be conducted before mining works began.

Mr Kau said in these meetings the Commissioner Northern and stakeholders would talk about the pros and cons of mining.

"All the problems that will arise during mining will have to be thrashed out and solutions have to be found and agreed on by all parties involved," Mr Kau said.

For example, he said, those from the environment would talk about the mining impact and that would trickle down to landowners and the people. This is an issue that had to be addressed before the mining proper begins.

Mr Kau said bank representatives would also be part of the meeting and they would be advising landowners how to make use of their services.

"They will also be advising them on other matters.

"All government ministries and other institutions and organisations will be invited to be part of this meeting."

Mr Kau said such a meeting was the first of its kind and this would benefit all stakeholders involved in mining. He said some had queried the appointment of the Commissioner Northern as chairman.

"The Commissioner is familiar with all developments in the Northern Division and as chair he would be familiar with all issues raised by stakeholders."

He said the main objective was to see that everything ran smoothly especially when the mining proper began.

"This is a new twist in the current developments carried out in the country, where Government would like to see that a cordial relationship is fostered between landowners and the developers." Mr Kau said another key issue to be addressed was when business begins, all those involved would know where to stand and there would be no interruptions from anyone.


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