Thursday, April 14, 2011

Illegal Regime Cabinet Approves Money Grabbing Infringement Notice


Cabinet has approved the introduction of Immigration Infringement Notices.
Cabinet based its decision on a submission by the Acting Immigration Minister Joketani Cokanasiga.
He said the number of infringements at our borders was steadily increasing.
Mr Cokanasiga said this consisted of passengers arriving on fraudulent documents, expired/mutilated passports, one-way tickets, without visas and insufficient funds.
"The introduction of infringement notices should result in securing our borders from indescribable elements, reduce the number of infringements encountered and at the same time bring in much needed revenue for the Government," Mr Cokanasaiga said.
He said the Infringement Affidavit of Service form under section 68(1) of the Immigration Act 2003 had the fixed penalties for infringements. The minister said those ranged from $200- $2000.
Mr Cokanasiga said the infringement notice would be implemented once it had been gazetted.

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