Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fiji's Prisons chief under investigation for denouncing regime

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 27 April 2011

DOBBED IN: Lieutenant-Colonel Ieferemi Vasu.
Sour feelings over missing funds appear to have led to a fall out between the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, and the Commissioner of Prisons, Ieferemi Vasu.
Informers say Naivalurua has ordered Vasu be investigated after the latter lost his temper and accused Naivalurua of taking 'vaulable resources' from the prisons to the police force.
Vasu is reported to have flown into a rage while Naivalurua was in China and accused senior prison officers, including the assistant commissioners, of covering up the former Commissioner's monetary dealings.
He is said to have yelled: "This government is illegal and all acts are illegal," during his tirade.
A spy told Naivalurua, who then reported it to the dictator, Frank Bainimarama. Naivalurua also ordered that everyone who was at the incident be interviewed; the findings will be  presented to Bainimarama.
Naivalurura's detractors say there was  widespread misuse of the prison poultry farm earnings while he was running the prisons. They say no records were kept and that about  $150,000, disappeared into thin air. 
Critics also claim he snaffled valuable documents such as the Yellow Ribbon Projects and took them to the FPF to make himself look good. They say he is now using Vasu's 'illegal regime' comments to cover his tracks.

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