Friday, April 22, 2011

Fiji Dictator & Son Free Riding it at Hong Kong Sevens

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 22 April 2011

Easter bunnie's free ride

EASY STREET: The illegal leader Frank Bank Bainimarama and his Meli enjoying a ride in a limousine on the way to the Hong Kong Sevens
The sugar industry's in the toilet, the economy's rooted, the country's oldest newspaper has mysteriously gone offline and some citizens say they've been smashed over so badly by military soldiers, they have brain damage.
But Fiji's self-appointed leader keeps on riding easy, gobbling up all of the goodies he thinks he's entitled to while Coup Coup land suffers.
Bainimarama, seen here heading in a limosine with his soldier son, Meli, to the Hong Kong Sevens last month, is pedalling another sappy address to the nation to mark Easter.
He (or his speech writer) says: "As Christ has demonstrated .... there is dignity through love and respect" and ..."there must be humility in our actions and that we must care about our fellow citizens irrespective of their position in society."
He adds that it is only through a "national acceptance of such values, principles and practices can we be truly progressive and achieve a compassionate and just Fiji for all."
I guess nobody needs to tell him how to suck eggs, eh?

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