Friday, April 08, 2011

Courageous Rewa Remains Opposed to Illegal Peoples Charter

Radio Fiji News - 08 April 2011

The Province of Rewa is still not supporting the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.
This was revealed to FBC News this morning by Kisoko Cagituivei of the Office for Strategic Framework for Change – after attending the Rewa Provincial Council Meeting yesterday.
Cagituivei said although the meeting supported development works carried out within the province, the council did not support the National Charter which outlines Government’s development programmes in its eleven pillars.
He said the meeting agreed yesterday to take back to the Bose Vanua the province’s stand on the National Charter – a matter the Great Council of Chiefs had not supported.
Cagituivei said he cannot understand why the Province is following this path knowing the Great Council of Chiefs is no longer a Government institution and therefore has no power in the running of Government.
The Tikina of Rewa had moved that the Council support the National Charter.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised Kisoko is surprised Rewa Provincw disagrees with Govt on its illegal plans. Surely the reasons must have been discussed during the provincial council debate before the vote was taken.

Ditoko and all Bainimarama's stooges think that everybody thinks the same. The dictatorship survives on no opposition and independent thoughts of course is its enemy

Arabian Knight said...


You are quite right! That is exactly what a coup culture has done to even previously sound and effective civil servants. They have taken on the military "group think" mentality taking their lead from the Dictator himself so that whatever he says goes as the gospel truth. It is very said indeed and all the more reason why Rewa's stance has to be applauded and supported.

Let's hope other provinces and their chiefs will have the spine and fortitude to do likewise. Otherwise, Fiji is doomed for a very long and dark period of repression and illegal rule that only a revolution like that happening in the Arab nations now will resolve.

Let Fiji and its people learn from and employ some of the tactics used there to overthrow the Dictator Bainimarama and his illegal and repressive regime.

Anonymous said...

retticwananavu Rewa Province......F,,,,g tired listening to his bull shit on the radio waves nearly every day. asrsehole...

a.rogo said...

Those are only the views of those who are within the vicinity of the Provincial office....try to gt the views of the ordinary grassroots and you'll see the real fact....vinaka

Indian Prince said...

Go on you Rewa for having the guts to stand up and say what needs to be said about the illegal regime and its terrible policies against the Fijians. Even those of us not from there have been gutted by the inhuman treatment of civilians who were taken to the military camp on the orders of the Dictator himself.

Tell Bainimarama to note the fate of Dictators like in Ivory Coast and in North Africa who are now to be dragged in front of the International Criminal Court for crimes against civilians just standing up for their human, democratic and god given rights.

Anonymous said...

J Kalouniwai CO 3FIR from Rewa opposed his own chiefs from Rewa and wanted them to support Vore. A letter was sent to papers saying that no such person existed resided in Rewa. CO 3FIR had fraudently put his address as Lomanikoro.
Vakaloloma saraga.
A. Rogo n Kisoko drau veicai!

a.rogo said...

swearing on the net shows how narrow minded U are and also fighting a loosing battle...the people will do the talking...the people of Rewa has spoken by not contributing their DUES to the Yasana for it's development...Ro Teimumu is publicly requesting their support with no avail...the people have spoken.
Ratu Kalouniwai is a Paramount Chief o Burebasaga in his own right.....vinaka

a.rogo said...

try to be a real man to show your real are only showing the act of cowardice by hiding behind that name and also swearing on the net...we all know that u are a good for nothing and a parasite amongst the community....vinaka

a.rogo said...

swearing on the net shows wat type good for nothing u are and nothing above....vinaka

Anonymous said...

A Rogo
Only one paramount in Rewa,,,,vaka o iko o dosi sega ni kila na ka vakavanua!
Sa vakaloloma o Viti e na veiliutaki mai vei ira na butako itutu ka ra viavia turaga!
Lai vutuki Voereqe mada mo rogo!