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"We're the Laughing Stock of the Pacific" Admits Regime Insider

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 5 March 2011

From inside the junta: Bainimarama living 24/7 in a state of panic at fear of being brought down

"We have achieved nothing and are the laughing stock of the Pacific.  Two people…TWO PEOPLE run this whole Country…that is a sham and disgrace."
VB: Out of tune.
In our second story on the senior official who has revealed that the illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama is fragile, we can report further that the dictator is living in a state of total panic at the thought of being brought down.

Our contact admitted in our first story that he believed in the cause 100 per cent but has since woken up to the corruption and the huge flaws in Bainimarama's leadership.

He says others share his loss of faith and want free of the mess they're in.

The senior official admitted that his own hands were not clean but pleaded for help to bring an end to the decayed administration of Bainimarama and his Number Two, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
From further correspondence with him, we can confirm what we and others have been saying for some time, that there is huge fallout within the military ranks because the leadership is a sham.
Our contact says Bainimarama and Khaiyum's smoke and mirrors campaign is fading fast and are so unpopular that Qarase would win hands down in a poll.

He says Bainimarama has lost the plot and he and Khaiyum are living a life of lies, looting the country's coffers to feather their own nests.
He also reveals that the man many have been pinning their hopes on, the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau, is a lost cause.
We asked the source further questions:
Q) Why are they in panic mode?
A) Simple answer, smoke and mirrors only lasts as long as the smoke lasts, and it’s fading fast, bro.  If a straw poll was held today, Qarase would sweep back in like the Boxing Day tsunami.
Q) When and where was the 2,000 bottle party - or is that par for the course?
A) New Year’s, and #1 is pissed at least four nights a week, so is Pres. Nailatikau. you been to defense club recently?
Q) What do you mean by ATM - give details.
A) New gold/bling/watch/Rolex/clothes/and brand new personal Prime Bank account w/ANZ with over $275K.  that does not come from civil service salary.  we  are servicemen, not idiots.  i did not serve in sinai for this.
Q) How fragile is fragile and what will it take to tip things over?
A) It will take the boys in camp missing a few more paychecks or the boys in Namosi finally finding their courage or a new leader, or????.
Q) Was Naliva paid to make sure Renee Lal got dealt to and who by?
A) No, no, no pay, just following orders.
Q) Intel has revealed the salaries of everyone on blogs  - are the figures right?
A) Spot on.
Q) What's happening with Nailatikau?
A) Just a party boy waiting ‘till #1 removes him. He knows his fate but no courage to change his fate.
Q) Why did the regime tell FijiLive Aziz is still with the army? Was that just for show?
A) It's complicated, he has as much blood on his hands and money in his pocket as anyone, but he knows about everything #1 and #2 have done and are doing.  he is not so easy to put away.  he and I are in same position,  but he is happy to keep peace w/#1. i need to make my peace with Fiji.
Q) Why have you become disillusioned?
A) Bro, this is the easiest.  I believed that reform was the goal of December ’06.   But the Charter mess and on and on…we have achieved nothing and are the laughing stock of the Pacific.  Two people…TWO PEOPLE run this whole Country(no doubt Baini  & Khaiyum) that is a sham and disgrace and I wish I could get out.  But I am stuck….an old rooster…my kids can’t travel, I am ordering the arrest and beating of innocent people at the command of someone who has lost the plot. lost the plot, bro…it’s done. i am a religious man… I am ashamed of what I am doing.  I need to make peace before its too late.
I did not answer this question before.  many more arrests are planned…you think PER will ever be lifted?????  If you do you are simply an idiot.  People need to wake up.  #1 has said “life is good when no one can say no..”
So my question for you, bro…what is your plan?  I have read your site and there is lots of talk, but does this really matter?  I am putting it on the line because I am burnt no matter what.  but what are you going to do???  we need help. ."

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