Thursday, March 03, 2011

Free Fiji Rally message: Aust and NZ will keep a close eye

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 03 March 2011

"Cameras and phones are important, if footages are taken in the first hour, they should be relayed instantly to the world, and every hour, there should be an update of progress sent out from Albert Park to the world through the social network."




This is the last day that you will live under dictatorial rule, which in the last four years pressured you into believing continuous lies and propaganda. The 4th of March 2011 will go down in history as the day the people of Fiji demanded their freedom from its oppressors, and decided that their future and their country should always be in their hands.
As I write this last letter of encouragement to you all, the US and British warships are making their way to  Libya as the confrontation between Qaddafi and the people’s rebellion intensifies.  Warnings from the bigger countries to the dictator have been forthcoming, cautioning him not to harm his own people.  Australia and New Zealand will be keeping a close eye to your progress and how the military regime will react to your peaceful protest.
You must remember, that, as the “Rules of Engagement” states, soldiers will not harm unarmed civilians” we also know the identities of soldiers who have tortured helpless civilians, the likes of Captain Penioni Naliva and Major Rokoura. 

They will face the consequences of their actions. If there were higher authorities who gave orders for the beatings, we will make sure that this mistreatment of Fijian citizens gets its day in a proper court of law.
You must also remember, that it might take days before Bainimarama understands the motive behind the protest as he has been locked in his own chain of thoughts about how to siphon money out of your government into his and his family’s pockets, so please, stay focused and if the need to stay longer than a day arises, then you must endeavour to achieve our goal, that of a complete and unconditional liberation.
You must also remember, that dictators don’t get to rule because they obey constitutional perimeters, so, be prepared for draconian rulings to be administered, use your humility and be armed with facts and the truth, shout that out for the world to hear, as that is what they have been censoring all this time.
Loruama has advised, cameras and phones are important, if footage are taken in the first hour, they should be relayed instantly to the world, and every hour, there should be an update of progress sent out from Albert Park to the world through the social network. 

International Media will be focused on your progress, and will be trying to interview people or publish photos as they come to hand, so don’t worry, we will be watching very closely.
If you can get through the first 6 hours of protest, Fijians overseas will see that your protest is sustained for the period you will stay there awaiting your demands be met.
Bainimarama’s government said, that “Fijians live on handouts, they should learn to stand on their own two feet”.  My countrymen and women, that is exactly what you will be doing tomorrow.
You will be telling Bainimarama, “We don’t want handouts bought by your loans from China, we are here to tell you, we want to decide what is right and what is good for us.”  That is an act of standing on your own two feet.
There will be people there who you will see are the organisers, and any queries you might have will be accommodated by them.
This is my last message to you all, and I will post again in this forum tomorrow. I will be keeping an eye for further comments that might be coming from QEB, but that should be all water off the dalo leaf for us.  This is the time to focus and be ready.
To conclude my friends, the Bible in Acts 5, told us the story of how the people saw the miracle that started by a few men (apostles) and before long the place of gathering called Solomon’s Porch was full of people from the city.  

The authorities jailed the men who started the teaching and healing, but they were released by the power of God.  In verse 29, Peter and the apostles nailed the core reason of the gathering, and that is what you will be doing tomorrow.
Me maroroi kemuni na Kalou ena siga ni mataka, ka me duru bukawaqa taka nai lakolako ni kena gadrevi na tu galala.


Anonymous said...

O Burma e Budhist kei na Muslim, o kedatou tou christian. Ke vakatara na Kalou me yaco na ka qo, laiva mada ga vua. Da galu o keda.

Anonymous said...

Sa vei tale na March? Sa voleka ni oti na siga nikua....

TheMax said...

Na leqa levu vei ira na via march tiko qo ni o buka veva e dabe vakawelewele no toka mai Australia. Au sa qoroi ira ga na vakabauti koya tiko baleta nia via cakava madaga dua na march mai Australia qai le vica walega era lako yani. Qai vakalevutaka wale tu ga na kedrai wiliwili o ira na gone. Au sa lomani ira vakalevu na muri vaka mataboko tyiko qo.

Taukei kei Viti said...

O ira gona era sega ni tokona na bula butako, lasu, kei na veivalolomataki e cakava tu na nomu i liuliu o Baini. Rawa vacava me dua e tokona na nodra lai moku ka vamavoataki na i taukei kei Viti dina. E donu ya vei iko?

Sa rui butobuto na nomu rai. O iko kei Baini drau na tarogi kina mai muri ke sega ni drau sotava na i sau ni nomudrau veivalolomataki ni bera ni drau mate yani. Ena dusi tu na luvemudrau kei ira na nomudrau kawa ena butako kei na lasu drau cakava tu.

Veisautaka na nomu rai mo bula kina TheMax.

Anonymous said...

@ TheMax
Tomana tiko qori. Ke a taukei kei Viti dina o "Taukei kei Viti", me a maji gona. A cava e leqa?

Anonymous said...

A leqa gona ni sega ni dua e kilai koya...

Kai Lomai said...

Rairai o kemudrau ruarua qo na gone ni toko kei Baini. Levu na vosa kei na kaukauwa ni tiko na dakai!

Drau bau cau mada ena dua na sasaga yaga me rawa ni ra galala kina na wekamudrau e Viti. Keimami sa oca ena dredre ni bula e Viti qai levu tiko na butako nei nomudrau boso o Baini kei tacina o Khaiyum. Rauta mada na tabetabe kei na lasu gonei..