Friday, March 04, 2011

Fiji Protest Rally Abandoned due to Heavy Military & Police Presence

Australia Network News - 4 March 2011
A planned anti-government demonstration in Fiji was called off on Friday in the face of high numbers of police and military personnel.

Pro-democracy groups said their attempt to rally at Albert Park in Suva was foiled by the heavy police and military presence.

An Australian-based organiser, Suliasi Daunitutu, said the protest was in opposition to Fiji's continued rule by a coup-installed military government.

He said the strong military turnout may have been ordered amid fears in Fiji that anti-government unrest in the Middle East could inspire domestic opponents.

Daunitutu said it was too risky to go ahead with the protest.

He said: "There was about 40 or a little bit over that were there for the demonstration.

"But they were outnumbered by about one to 50 in police officers and military personnel. 

"The police presence was chock-a-block."


TheMax said...

Misinformation is your own undoing. There is no more credibility left for this blog. The planned march was not called off. No one actually turned up. The so-called crowd that congregated at Albert Park was there to watch rugby. For your credibility sake, at least be truthful for goodness sake.

Taukei kei Viti said...


You will be last for anyone to take advice from on the matter of credibility, being a stooge of the illegal regime in Fiji.

You and your type have only one thing in common - your unwavering and blind loyalty to the illegalities carried out by the military regime that is terrorising the people of Fiji right now.

Only a coward hide behind guns and emergency power while denying the people of their right to speak for themselves or even to question the type of policies forced on them by an illegitimate regime.

Demonstrators and their leaders have, in the end, weighed up the risks to those wanting to protest in Suva y'day and the willingness of the bribed soldiers and police to injure them. This was what influenced them to abandon the protest.

If you have been privy to the beatings and arbitrary torture by the military of opponents in Fiji recently, you will know about such risks.

Then again, you and your kind TheMax, probably have ice in your veins and unable to feel any sympathy for the innocent Fijians wanting to reclaim their independence and freedom.

Change your stance TheMax and have some courage to stand up for those deprived of what you probably take for granted.

Anonymous said...

Bull-shit Daunitutu, spreading alot of LIES to the people of Fiji. Why don't you return to Fiji to lead the so called "Fiji Protest Rally"... KEIMAMI SA VAKACEGU SARA TU GA ENA MATANITU NEI BAINIMARAMA...Come back home Daunitutu? Kua ni vaka na "KOLI NI KAIDIA" kodro toka ena nona mata ni were...OI LESU MAI MO MISI!!!!!

Taukei kei Viti said...

@ Anonymous
Koli ni Kaidia ga o iko, sega ni rawa ni o tutaka na dina. Sega tiko mada ga ni varaitaka mai na yacamu!- Varaitaki ga ni tamata vamumuri tu ga vei Vore kei na nona lasutaki keimami tu e Viti.

Sega ni vatarai me keimami kila na dina ni lavo ratou sa kania tiko na matanitu qo nei Vore. Tucake mada mo valataka na dina qai mai vosa eke. Lako ga lai tabeya cake tiko na polo nei Vore me rawa tiko kina na kemui sau.. Moce mada gonei...