Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Captain Aseri Rokoura - Second QEB Goon Named

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 02 March 2011

IN THE FRAME: Captain Aseri Rokoura in 2008 with Bainimarama and Aziz Mohammed. 
A second goon from the Queen Elizabeth Barracks can be officially named today, thanks to sources who were quick to recall him from earlier run-ins.
He is Captain Aseri Rokoura, who was singled out as one of the army operatives behind the brutal assault of Felix Anthony of the Trade Union Congress, recently.
The blog, Intelligentsiya, reported that Anthony was beaten over a story that appeared in the Fiji Times concerning Fiji Sugar Corporation maintenance work. 

The goon singled out for that beating was 'Rokoua' but we've since established with the help of bloggers and sources that he is more likely to be Aseri Rokoura, a trusted member of the inner gang of Frank Bainimarama.
Aseri was also Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi’s ADC when he was still vice-president. He went to Duntroon Military College in Canberra, the same place military school as Major Ben Naliva, and married an Australian girl.
He is the brother of Fiji Netball coach Una Rokoura and his father was a former professional boxer, Tomasi Rokoura. The family are from Naitisiri. 

Rokoura was also shot by rebels at the 2000 coup in parliament and according to Peter Usaia Waqatairewa from the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, he hasn't got over the incident.

Waqateirewa - one of the people to identify Aseri Rokoura - says Rokoura threatened him in 2009, using Bainimarama's s email address and Blackberry to do it. 
Waqatairewa says he'd been trying to approach the Dictator to discuss a way forward when he was verbally abused and sworn at. He thought it was Bainimarama but his interrogator identified himself as Captain Aseri Rokoura.
Waqatairewa says Rokoura admitted to him in text messages in 2009 that he still carries that grudge of being shot and wounded by rebels and his main driving motivation against Fijian Nationalist. 
The freedom activist says Rokoura's father worked under him as a Trust Accounts clerk when he was Manager Finance and Admin at NLTB.
He says Rokoura senior brought his children to thank him and management personally for allowing him to work until 56 instead of the mandatory 55 when he was Manager Finance at NLTB. He says this allowed Rokoura's father to pay off the family mortgage.
The QEB goons obviously have families and friends (trawl through Facebook and you'll see they're 'normal' people) but remember they don't treat the people they're beating up on are father's, husbands, brothers and grandfathers.

They have no conscience about tormenting and mistreating people. Where were can, let's name these goons so the world knows who they are, and influential organisations like the United Nations don't give them jobs or treat them like heroes.


Anonymous said...

o aseri qo , o shadow? ,,vuli mai marist?..keo koya sa bau visau sara ga

rusty.tagicakibau said...

aseri qo koya na ex marist e o shadow ? dau tiko mai nabua ...isa boy au sega ni vakabauta nio o rawa ni cakava tiko na i valavala kerei iko mo vakasuka na cakacaka qori baleta ni na vakaiyalayala kece mai ...nanuma na future ni nomu matavuvale boy .....vosota keda da dau schoolbus vata tu mai nabua ...ex nabua sa kerei iko..

Anonymous said...

Shadow am readin the statement here and I kno you & your family well.I hope youv change now.Qoka se yabaki cava sara.Kidaru neighbor tubu vata mai since childhood and were good frens Shadow.I still cnt relate yourself in this matter but the picture made me believe part of it!
Recently we met here in Gloucester Eng!Well jus hoping this incident happened way back and believe you have discussed & sorted the issues personally! Kerekere saraga Shadow no more tormentin and mistreatin people if you reading this.Kemudou family vinaka vaka kina oiko.Raica era na mai involve taka kina na nomu very nice wen family included & exposed publicly here.It pulled skin really...vinaka!