Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Another Regime Opponent Beaten by Illegal Fiji PM & His Military Thugs

Posted on Matavuvale.com - 7 March 2011

Sai's Comments
  • Report has just been received from Fiji about a recent beating dished out by the illegal PM himself and his military body guards while on a visit to the sugar cane town of Ba in the western side of Fiji.

  • Read the report below as filed by a concerned Fiji citizen on what has become a regular occurrence in Fiji as the illegal regime clamps down hard on those agitating against its illegal rule. 
  • Gaffar Ahmed is a trade unionist  and former Labour Party politician.

"Gaffar Ahmed (picture below left) - was beaten by the military goons when the Pm was visiting the Ba mill a few weeks ago. He was thrashed for saying that the government is 

" fooling the farmers by not telling them the real situation of the mills" 

But what was not reported was this: 
As the PM specially went to BA after Gaffar made these comments and called the meeting. After the meeting Pm asked his body guards that Ghfar to be brought to him: 
Two bodyguards brought Gaffar to Pm (Bainimarama) while they stood on his both sides. 

PM face was burning with anger, marched over to Gaffar and gave two slaps on Gafar's face and said :what the fuck have you guys done at your time that you are trying to do under my rule!!!
Then Gaffar was taken from Ba and thrashed again at Namaka (Nadi). 

Another account of the same incident:

Gaffar Ahmad is an elected member of the House of Representatives and has been the National Farmers Union Ba leader on the ground for a long time. He was whacked and beaten with a PVC pipe by Major Aseri Rokoura after Frank Bainimarama gave him a few slaps and swore at him for complaining about the lack of work at the Rarawai Sugar Mill. Contact the Fiji Labour Party for his Australian contact numbers.

The worrying fact is that Frank thinks beating Felix Anthony (busting his ear drums) and Gaffar Ahmad, a few canefarmers and FLP and NFU unionists will fix the sugar industry? Something wrong with this threat assessment as to make the sugar unionists the problem with the sugar industry?
Gaffar is now in Australia (just like Sam Speight after a similar beating) seeking treatment for the injuries he recieved from these beating

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