Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Union Leader Brutalized by Fiji Military

Posted on Intelligentsiya - 21 February 2011

Reports are surfacing that Felix Anthony had his ear drums busted out by military operatives in the Western division last Friday. 

It was in relation to a story printed in the Fiji Times concerning Fiji Sugar Corporation maintenance work. Possibly this one verifying the non-maintenance reality. 

Felix Anthony was taken to an empty house within the CAAF compound near the military compound. 

It is understood that one of the key terrorizers is an army operative by the name of ROKOUA. 

This is the second time Anthony was taken up for abuse by the military. The first time was in relation to the recent crackdown on anti-Frank dissidents where he was taken for a joyride in the dark to Tavakubu Cemetary. 

Anthony was then given Bainimarama's cellular phone contact so that Mr Bainimarama himself can vet what stories are appropriate for public consumption before Felix Anthony releases them. 

Also hauled up on this occassion was Fiji Times reporter Felix Chaudhry and sugar NFU Ba's Gaffar Ahmed. 

It has also been revealed that there were 2 cane farmers near Ba who have also been abused and forced to harvest their cane. Complaints made by their families to Fiji Police's Atunaisa Sokoimuri were received unsympathetically. 

And they weren't the only one's terrorized in the Western Division last weekend. 

Business owners in the Western division were invited by the regime to attend the Netball Fiji fundraiser at the Tanoa International and were explicitly instructed to attend with a minimum of FJD$2K donation.

As we know, Dictator Bainimarama's daughter, has just recently been appointed CEO of Fiji Netball.

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