Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mubarak Description Apply Equally to Fiji's Dictator

"I don't think the leopard can change his spots because he doesn't think he was wrong. I mean, this is a man with a great deal of pride and he is stubborn as hell -- and that's exactly why the people down in that square want him to go away -- because they don't trust him and there is no real reason why they should trust him."

How the above statement Rings so true for Fiji's Dictator!

Yet it is about the Dictator Mubarak of Egypt - also a man groomed in the military psche.

Mubarak is about to meet his end and still he wants to have a honourable exit which no one in Egypt will ever support.

Just like Bainimarama when he finally gets booted out, it will be in a dishonourable fashion, just like the way he seized power from those lawfully elected by the people of Fiji. He may just be safe for now, but time has long been running out on him and his illegal regime. 

All they are doing now is feathering their retirement nests with the illegal salaries they're paying themselves 

as earlier reported elsewhere, the kickbacks from all those wanting to have a cut in Fiji's investment pot. As we all know Bainimarama and his side kick AG get their cut from those investing in Fiji, especially those Chinese now flooding Fiji, via the the illegal AG's aunt's outfit, BDO. 

Just ask the taxation authorities for the deposits made into their accounts.

How else have Bainimarama been able to pay cash for those properties now inhabited by his children?

This is the same high level of corruption that will be Bainimarama's undoing as more and more gets revealed. Why is he preventing reporting by the Press and the media in Fiji? It is simply to prevent the truth being uncovered.

As we now see in Egypt, the truth have a way of finding its way into the open sooner or later. And when it does, all else will fail to preserve any dictator from holding on to power.

For the brave people of Fiji, having suffered the brutal effect of Bainimarama's rule since December 2006, our time will come, just like now for Egypt.

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