Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Illegal Fiji Regime Official Upholds Media Repression

(Tuesday, February 22nd 2011, No:0458/MOI)
Receiving truthful and accurate information from the media is a challenge for everyone, especially with the new media platform in this day and age. 

The Director of Information Ms Setaita Natai voiced this concern while officiating at the Fiji Media Watch workshop at the FTA Hall in Suva today. 

“Gone are the days of the coconut wireless, the new media platform is the internet, twitter, facebook, yahoo and others,” Ms Natai said. 

“These are also known as social sites, especially enjoyed by youths today.” 

Ms Natai said the new media platform was fast, accessible, and could be dangerous too. 

“It is true that information is power we should always have caution that it can also make or break the reputation of a person, a family, or a country,” she said. 

"Therefore all media outlets should strive to give out truthful and accurate news to the public." 

Ms Natai said  giving truthful and accurate information to the public will promote transparency and accountability. 

“This is being advocated by Government through the 11 pillars of the Peoples Charter for Change and Progress,” she said. 

“Something we all strive to achieve by disseminating truthful and accurate information helps encourage peaceful and harmonious living in 

Ms Natai said the role of the Ministry of Information was to disseminate truthful and accurate government news to the people. 

“We strive for the same purpose that is to build a Fiji that does not discriminate and encourage living together and moving forward as a nation,” she said. 

Ms Natai encourages participants to adopt a critical, selective and appreciative attitude towards the media. 

The workshop is being conducted by the Fiji Media Watch for 50 youths and women from the Central Division to raise awareness of the power of the mass media in Fiji today.

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Anonymous said...

For a few pieces of silver, Ms Natai has sold her soul to the devil. Either she does not know what she is on about, or she does not care. No morals, no integrity, no values, sold out!