Friday, February 04, 2011

Fiji Military Paid to beat Renee Lal

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 04 February 2011

The Renee Lal story takes a turn today with a claim military were paid to beat the Suva lawyer.

Coupfourpointfive can't say where the information came from of course, but reiterate that our source has been reliable from the outset and is from within the military ranks.

We note, too, that there are aspects of this fraud that have yet to be revealed, perhaps via this blog or via the investigation the FICAC is supposed to be carrying out.

But we can today release the information that Renee Lal was beaten about her head with a full bottle of water and that her beating was apparently organised by an army officer by the name of Ben Naliva. (picture left in middle with ladies at the Officers Mess)

The officer is believed to be part of the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama's personal security detail. And it's claimed, as we said, that he was given $10,000 to ensure Lal got beaten.

The obvious question is - if this is true as we have been told, who would pay for this to be done and why? The full answers will come but to jog reader's memories: Lal is accused of fleecing a foreign investor by the name of Freeman under false pretences (and details of him are sketchy still) with the help of an accomplice, Ben Padarath. 

The kicker is that Frank's name was used by Lal and Padarath to 'oil' their scam and one of the more juicier claims was that they prised $30,000 out of the so-called investor, supposedly for Frank's Christmas expenses.

Our military sources have also now told us that Renee Lal's husband was with her when she was arrested at Nausori Airport last Friday morning, when she tried to fly out to New Zealand. Lal's husband is Amani Bale, a former lawyer for the Fiji military.

Footnote: A traumatised Lal is receiving counselling for her beating.

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