Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fiji Military Abduction of Sam Speight - Brutality Escalates in Fiji

Sai's Comments:

Read below a shocking note from Fiji just received about the ongoing brutality and abduction by the Fiji Military as it cracks down on those standing up for democracy and freedom there.

Yes it is shocking and it is happening right now as the illegal regime in Fiji clamps down hard on those voicing opposition. No doubt the reaction of the Fiji military is designed to prevent similar popular uprisings as in Middle East and North Africa right now.

We say this to the illegal regime in Fiji:
  • Your time will come when the people of Fiji will rise up to pay you back your deserved punishment for the brutality and repression you have carried on them , their families and their dignity as fellow human beings.

"Bula to you my friends in Fiji and abroad, especially those advocating for a retun to democracy in Fiji.

It is now 11:38 am in Suva. I have been calling Sam's mobile number all morning without success.

Finally contacted  Turaga Naita Mataiasi Ragigia who is in contactwith Sam's wife Ana.

Ana says that since Monday when Sam was taken to QEB, thay have not heard from him and they do not know of his situation. Ana has tried to visit him at QEB, but her request has been denied.

I am sending you this note in the hope you circulate this information to friends, relatives and the international community. Please tell then of the human rights abuses happening here now as with the case with Felix Anthony, Ben Padarath, Apisai Tawake, Josaia Bolalailai and lately with one of Suli Daunitutu's brother.

You may wonder why keep doing this, well as a citizen here in Fiji, I do not want us to wait two, twenty, thirty years to finally react as is happening in the Middle East today.

Fiji is such a small place, we are all related somehow, what happens in one corner of Fiji will affect us somehow. 

Let us take courage and strengthen our resolve to always do what is right and just. 

I urge you to continue to play your part in getting rid of the dictator and his illigal government.

This is not the Fiji we used to know, this certainly is not the Fiji we want to continue to live in.

You are all good people, I know you are guided by the same spirit,  to act on your faith on what you belieive over what you know.

Now more than ever we must act on what is right.
God Bless You and God Bless Fiji.
"Come to the throne of grace with your pain,
with your emptiness and receive My hope.
Come to the throne with boldness and expectation...
Look now, I am about to do a new thing.
Do you not perceive it?"

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Anonymous said...

How can the Militry look them selves in the mirror??? Going around on their high horses assulting fellow citizens of fiji and in some cases MURDERING their own country men??? GUTLESS,WEAK DOGS is what they are....