Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fiji Dictator Bainimarama Under Siege in Moves to Overthrow Him


Speight released and Nailatikau sevusevu had undertones

Updating our last major story - Sam Speight was released last night.

The member for Tailevu North was badly beaten and needs urgent medical treatment. Sources say he has departed for Australia today, to get medical help. 

The joint military and navy delegation to Epeli Nailatikau yesterday was made up of senior officers and was led by military commander and dictator, Frank Bainimarama. 

They went to Government House and presented a sevusevu to Nailatikau, thanking him for his role during the funeral of the former president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo. 

But the thank you or sevusevu was punctuated with a finely veiled message to Nailatikau that his time is up. 

According to military sources present, the message was contained in the presentation speech made in Fijian language by the delegation.


LATEST REPORT - Nailatikau still at Government House

There may well be antipathy between Epeli Nailatikau and Frank Bainimarama but it seems supporters have been too hasty to tout the illegal president has been removed from Government House by soldiers.

New information suggests our earlier story, based on information from two sources, was premature.

We've now been told Nailatikau is still at Government House and that soldier's were visiting him about something else.

It's been suggested troops were presenting a magiti for Josefa Iloilo's funeral.

We'll keep you posted.

MORE BREAKING NEWS! Nailatikau removed by soldiers

THE EYES HAVE IT: Bainimarama and Nailatikau (left) at Josefa Iloilo's funeral.

Reports are coming in that Epeli Nailatikau has been removed as president from Government House by soldiers.

Nailatikau's removal apparently follows the arrest last night of the former 3FIR Commander, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, in Lautoka.

Supporters say Roko Ului has been detained to deter any uprising as a result of the removal of Nailaitikau; Ulilakeba wields a support of more than 1200 royalist soldiers in the Fiji Army.  

Information given to Coupfourpointfive says the President was questioned on Wednesday the 6th of this month about the decree found at the Suva house of con man Ben Padarath.

We've been told Nailatikau was summoned to camp at QEB and kept in an interview room for four hours on the directive of dictator Frank Bainimarama. 

Coupfourpointfive sources say a letter has been delivered to the President to step down on the 28th of this month - in five days time. The letter came from Bainimarama. 

The president has not responded to the letter but tension is said to have already started to build with people of Ra pledging their support, together with the high chief of Rewa.

It's believed Bainimarama wants to have executive authority as President and to do away with the role of prime minister.

BREAKING NEWS - Mara, Aziz and Driti in custody!

Major developments in Fiji overnight - the former 3FIR Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara was arrested by military in Lautoka.

Roko Ului was in the sugar city of Fiji to conduct Fiji Pine matters as board chairman. 

Ului is still detained.

Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz has also been taken in by military soldiers clamping down on a plot by Frank Bainimarama's one time henchmen and junior officers. 

Former close ally, Pita Driti, is the other officer who has been questioned by both police and military.

It's believed Driti has confirmed the information revealed earlier by his nephew, Ben Padarath.

Padarath, who is to appear in court, is said to have spilled the beans to military soldiers about the plot last year to overthrow illegal leader, Bainimarama.

He had offered to turn state witness.

Sam Speight is also still in military detention. Coupfourpointfive was advised late yesterday he had been released but we have been told today he is still in custody.
The family of the member for Tailevu North is particularly worried because he has health problems.
Speight's second wife was Ratu Iloilo's daughter, who died. He went on to marry Ana Kalounivale - widow of murdered CRW soldier Selestino Kaluonivale, who was brutally killed despite being off duty on November the 2nd in the 2000 Mutiny Day by Bainimarama's soldiers.

Sam Speight's son, Henry Speight, is Ratu Iloilo's grandson. He played rugby for Waikato last year and this year is playing for ACT Brumbies in Super 15. 

ESTRANGED: Roko Ului (top) Pita Driti with Bainimarama in happier times and Aziz (bottom).

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