Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some interesting points about Fiji's 2014 President

Posted on fijitoday on December 18, 2010

Fijitoday has reported receiving information about a proposal presently being promoted by the Military Council. The proposal is set out below and is a eal worry for Fiji's democratic future as it attempts to vest absolute power in the hands of a president and not the people, through their elected reps sitting in the parliament of Fiji. It must be opposed by all freedom loving Fijians.

1.The new constitution will give the President a veto over all legislation including budget and supply.

2.The President will be appointed for a term of ten years.

3.The President will be the titular head of the RFMF and be able to direct the Commander RFMF.

4.The President will be able to impeach and remove any MP including the Prime Minister for actions he deems not in the best interests of the Republic of Fiji.

5.The President will be able to call an election if he deems the administration is unable to adequately govern.

6.The President will have lifetime immunity from legal prosecution.

7.The Initial President will be appointed by the outgoing administration to maintain stability over the first ten years.


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Stealth. said...

Don't for the life of me understand why the ruling military council is concerned about events in 2014? Be lucky if they last next 6 months?