Sunday, December 05, 2010

NZ Fiji Democracy Group Says Travel Sanctions Justified

Posted on Radio New Zealand International News - 04 December 2010

A New Zealand-based Fiji democracy group says the travel sanctions on family members of the Fiji military are the price it has to pay for its actions.

 The New Zealand government has confirmed it has denied a visa to a Fiji dancer whose father is in the infantry, serving as a UN peacekeeper in Iraq.

Samu Ledua Siga Cama says the decision to refuse him the right to come to Auckland to perform with his dance group at the Pasifika Festival is unfair.

He says he is not involved in politics, and that his father as the family’s sole breadwinner has no choice but to follow orders.

But Nik Naidu from the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji says the sanctions are justified.

“I have a lot of sympathy, people get caught up in these things when they are innocent victims you could argue. But the intentions of the sanctions are to put pressure on the illegal regime in Fiji to come to the table and negotiate and find a workable solution to move Fiji forward.”

Nik Naidu says the people of Fiji are paying everyday for the crimes of the military.

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  • The travel ban was there just as the decrees were made to supress the freedom of the people of Fiji.Everyone who has had their visa denied from travelling to NZ and Australia always blame the said countries for this mishap of Visa denial. The denial visa are only for the soldiers and members of immediate families of soldiers. We all know this fact and we all know what should happen so that Australia and NZ will allow soldiers to enter these two countries again.Don't blame Australia or NZ blame the illegal govt of Fiji.Get Fiji to Democratic rule again and NZ and Australia will have a very open door policy towards Fiji. For now, as long as the crippled, lying, muderous Bainimarama is in power as a dictator, the treavel bans holds for the soldiers and their relatives.
  • It is quite amuzing when we begin to piece together the and analyize the way Bainimarama is trying to move Fiji forward. When we look at who are being pushed aside or pushed right out and who are being brought in for replacement we now know that Bainimarama is fighting for his survival.Driti and Ului Mara are out in comes the loyalists like Naupoto to the Pine Comission and the new faces at 3FIR and Land Force Command. Now we have Aziz in the Military.
  • From what we can say and predict Bainimarama because of ill health is looking at the Presidency for the basis of his hold on power. Bainimarama from all probability will get rid of Nailatikau and mAKE HIMSELF PRESIDENT AND BECOME THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMY. AZIZ IS NOW RIGHT IN PLACE TO BE COMMANDER OF THE fIJI military forces and that paves the way for Khaiyum to be the illegal PM of Fiji.
  • This is just a scenario guys, do not look to deeply into it.

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