Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fiji Dictator Moving to Consolidate Power and Remove President

Sai's Comments:
  • Read some very explosive developments as Fiji's Dictator moves to consolidate his power base and remove Fiji's President.
  • Read attached briefing note developed from information received.

Posted on - 01 December 2010

Recently received information from one of the senior army officers in Fiji

1. They have moved Driti from the army barracks and told him to vacate the quarters asap - Driti has moved out last week.

2. Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua has been handed the letter to choose either Police or Prisons yesterday. He has taken delivery of the letter and most likely will be chased back to Prisons later this week or next week ! PM has already before he went to China had called a meeting with the former ACP Samuela Matakibau "CO Mobile unit” in 2006 to discuss the position of Police Commissioner.

There is also a possibility that the two senior Police officers recently discharged from plotting against Teleni are also being eyed from senior police positions.

PM has not made an appearance to the camp or seen any senior officers since his return from china. Calls by senior officers are not being picked up at his home where is spending most of his time.

Military Intelligence Leak

We have been reliably informed that there is a move underway to remove the President of Fiji who is the only legal authority to appoint any interim government.

This move was started with the removal of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba as Commanding Officer for 3FIR and then land Force Commander Pita Driti. LFC has the power to approach President directly to covey that Commander FMF, Bainimarama, is incapable to continue.

Before Pita Driti could approach the President, he was asked to go on leave! Also in a disclosure by intelligence has quoted that in October 2010 Attorney General Aiyaz while drinking at Intercontinental Resort in Natadola, Sigatoka made the following comment and I quote “ by December I will remove all Mara connections from government” unquote.

By the look of things AG has succeeded in this and with the move to decommission Driti and Mara will see them lose their ranks while PM as Commander cannot decommission them. Only the President can do this and to date the President has not responded to the request made by the Commander FMF.

Fiji Military Forces is going through a rank change as all Tailevu and Natasiri people are being promoted to key positions this week.

Frank with his ailing health is under threat that some officers will seek his removal as commander and therefore he has activated a move suggested by AG to remove President by Second week of December 2010 at the earliest!

Bainimarama to become President and Commander – In Chief and Commander for the Army which backs the current regime and promote AG to be Prime Minister and hold position as AG.

Intelligence documents also quote “the removal of Teleni as he poses a threat to the current option by sending him away”. He is currently preparing to be Fiji's Ambassador to China.

Options that have been outline are to:

1. Keep a tight control on media and only looking at positive side of Things in a view to keep public at bay

2. Eliminate all threats from senior officers by replacing them asap

3. Keep an option open to engage Australia and NZ on pretext of elections while continuing to 2020.

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