Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Work with Fiji, Dictator Bainimarama tells US

Sai's Comment:
  • Because of China's expansionist policies in the region, the US now have more reasons to be active in the Pacific than before and, as a result, Fiji has come closer within its radar than before. If the illegal leader and Fiji dictator, Bainimarama, has any sense he has better take heed of the US advice for a return to democratic rule. 
  • The US will not allow a recalcitrant dictator of a small nation to facilitate a global competitor and a communist one, to make a foothold in a region it rightfully regards as part of its backyard. Unlike previously, the US now have a strategic and geopolitical interest in China's foray into the region, and it has nothing to do with the tyrannical whims of a tinpot dictator like Bainimarama. Bigger nations than Fiji, and dictators with much more bloated egos than Bainimarama, have been sacrificed as  third-party casualties for standing in the way of the US. And Bainimarama would do well to revise and learn from similar events involving the US in regions such as South America if he harbours any doubt.
  • Again, if Bainimarama is not aware, the use of allies  such as Australia and NZ to work with and on behalf of the US is the reality of modern day diplomacy and geopolitics. Being from the region, both countries are major players and have a direct interest in its future. It makes sense therefore for them to be leading efforts to shape key events that impact on the region and its people. That is also why the Pacific Forum was established. 
  • The problem facing Fiji is simply because  Bainimarama as the naughty boy, admittedly fast on his feet, has been given time out from membership of the Pacific Forum family and other alliances. He will only rejoin when he agrees to abide by the rules. Simple as that. All else is simply delaying the inevitable and worse, it is the people of Fiji who are suffering, while Bainimarama plays his dictatorial tunes to the joy and ecstasy of his illegal regime.
Fiji Live News  -  9 November 2010

Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says the comments made by US Secretary for State Hillary Clinton to back New Zealand and Australia in pressuring Fiji to return to democratic leadership will fail.

Commodore Bainimarama said the US should engage Fiji directly and not rely on the two countries that don’t have High Commissioners present here and have failed miserably with their foreign policies in dealing with Fiji.

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    “It will not work as these two countries do not have any High Commissions here and secondly, they have failed miserably in trying to engage Fiji with their foreign policies,” Commodore Bainimarama told FijiLive .

    Commodore Bainimarama said a good example of this is that these two countries still treated Fijians as aliens in the Pacific and third class citizens when in their countries.

    “The US should engage Fiji directly and work with us, it will not work if they are to come through New Zealand and Australia." he said. 

    Commodore Bainimarama also said he did not want to comment made by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard that she was skeptical Fiji would go to the polls in 2014.

    “I really don’t want to comment on that, it’s a change of tune from what she said when she first came into power- that she would engage Fiji,” Commodore Bainimarama said. 

    “We have our plans in place and they have their policy of isolation, I don’t think these two will work,” he said. 

    By Maciu Bolaitamana

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      Comments posted on Matvuvale.com
      • This is really funny; our home grown dictator telling America to deal directly with him instead of listening to Australia and New Zealand! If our dictator would care to look into the history book, he would find out that the "English Speaking"nations in the world are blood brothers and will stick together most of the time. For him to tell them not to listen to each other before making decision that effect them is the height of stupidity and ignorance. They are all representatives of democractic governments; which means that they speak for their own people. Do our dictator have the same rights to speak for the people he has stopped from speaking for themselves?
      • I was reading this caption about this thief and murderer Bainimaramai telling Fijilive that The USA should engage directly with him and not through NZ or Australia because they do not have embassies in Fiji. What a smuk this idiot Bainimarama is. I am sure Bainimarama does not understand that America will not engage with Fiji while its very Influencial allies are out there viz a viz Australia and New Zealand. When Bainimarama gets it in his thick empty skull that America does not negotiate with dictators maybe he will learn something. All this rehtorics about Australia's PM changing her views on Fiji and threatening the USA not to come through Australia and Nrew Zealand just shows the lack of International Prudence on Bainimarama's part. The Fijian people are suffering and yet Bainimarama still thinks that he will survive. The economy is a mess, there is no export revenue and imported goods are so expensive that people are just watching Bainimarama destroy Fiji. Please give the people in Fiji something good, something nice to remember you by. You are like the pied piper of Hemlin!
      • I'm just VERY SURPRISED that Voreqe hasn't thrown another tantrum again and told the US they CANNOT OPEN THEIR AID OFFICE IN FIJI unless they engage with him directly. Isa! sad indeed that someone is soooo blinded and consumed by his own rage for reasons only known to him, that he has to make our nation suffer. One day Mafatu...it will either be you Voreqe or your descendants to come.
      • Frank Bainimarama is motivated by greed, power and an unrealistic image of self importance.
        Combine that with a well founded fear of a lengthy prison sentence for Sedition, High Treason and a probable murder charge for his part in the killings of 5 CRW Soldiers in 2000, and you can see why he can't afford to get offside with the United States of America.
      • The women are the key to the future of Fiji's children now.
        The RFMF, instead of becoming a stalwart for Democratic principles, have now become servants to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and his backers.
      • oh!!eh..wanting to be a macho man???No..kaka Mr.Banimarama....They cannot do that...Sa teri yaco i keri nomuni lewa...Ni vosota toka vaka lada!!!
      • too bad vore, EU & US will listen to Aus & NZ if they want to know anything about the south Pacific. China and India will be thinking how best can they use Fiji to their advantage, and seeing how desperate and fragile we are they'll welcome us with a big smile with a big dagger hidden behind them lol!!!

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      Anonymous said...

      Backed by generations of historical precedence - US is fully aware that this form of governance (military) simply doesn't work - never has - never will - rest assured it also appreciates the 4 most dangerous words in the English language - "this time its different".