Monday, November 29, 2010

State Terrorism and Thuggery by Bainimarama Regime

Posted on - 29 November 2010

The illegal government violation of Human righst and crime against humanity :

PM Ordered Hits
• 20TH February 2007 – Tevita FA car
• Deuba house fire 2007 – Former Judge
• 10 October 2008 – Car of Chief Justice
• 10Th March 2009 - Netani Rika car
• September 2009 - Chief executive of Fiji law firm, Howard’s Lawyers Office

Head of Hit Squad:
  • Captain Lendua (as he was known) – passes away last month through heart attack, usually seen as a causal worker at ports (working under cover)
  • A number of criminals were recruited by Cpt. Lendua who were inducted in 3FIR and Ready Action Unit of the Fiji Police Force.
When these above mentioned people (whose vehicles and houses were vandalized and set on fire) “talked too much” (quoted from PM) – PM called CO 3FIR (Mara) to “burn” or damage these people’s property.

These guys from RAU and 3FIR then in civilian clothing using the white heavily tinted vehicle registered “EY:” (number withheld) to the hits. This vehicle is still being used by the 3FIR.

Director CID that time was instructed to turn a blind eye to everything and as we all know no culprits were ever caught. The police files on these cases have disappeared.

All the guys from the army (3FIR) who had been involved in these cases have been sent on missions in Iraq.

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