Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sick Dictator Pretending to be Well!

posted on coup four point five -NOVEMBER 25, 2010

Pictures show Bainimarama looking like a patient rather than a leader

The illegal-leader Frank Bainimarama has today continued to try to shut down talk about his health and reports he is unwell, and that he has either had a attack or a stroke.
But Coupfourpointfive has again been given information that suggests yet again that all is not well with Fiji's self-appointed leader.
We have been told Bainimarama's hand shows signs of a stroke and that  border police guys at Nadi Airport saw this when he was boarding the Air Korean Flight.
We have also been told that also according to a source in his office Bainimarama collapsed again ( from stroke) on Sunday, November 21st in China.
As we said last night some of the pictures being used in stories by Fiji media are not current. In those pictures, Bainimarama looks well. But in the pictures sent back from China, after questions about his unexplained silence while supposedly on this trade mission, tell a different story.
To any trained eye, the two released photos of illegal Prime Minister tells a different story to that of the regime’s spin doctors. It kind of looks as if he may just have thrown on clothes for the camera and has borrowed these clothes from his new Chinese friends.
Certainly, could the second picture be in a private hospital room - see fruit, dinner-for-one place set. And why are his hands on hips in both photos? Could it be because he hasn’t got a belt to hand and needs to stop trousers from falling down? (having been in a hospital patients gown.) 
It would certainly be strange for a Prime Minister and military commander to meet with officials from the China Railway First Company without tucking in shirt, no ties-all-round, hmmm. 
See Epeli Nailatikua from today's Fiji government online portal, that's what senior government officials wear when doing business. You judge folks. 

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