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Khaiyum's Budget Daylight Terrorism

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 26 November 2010

By Jone Baledrokadroka

It may well pay to revisit the last elected government’s budget debate on the 2007 Appropriation Bill where a particular SDL Minister’s address foretold the bizarre situation the nation finds itself in today. 

The Honourable, Ted Young, member of Kadavu, Namosi, and Lomaivuna Open now resides in Penrith, Australia and runs his own courier business with his wife. As one of the initial victims of physical and verbal abuse by a revengeful Bainimarama in the days after the 5th December 2006 coup, Young was later granted a protection visa and permanent resident status.

Ted was picked up by soldiers from his home in front of his family and taken to QEB, to be physically and verbally abused because Bainimarama, it is said, took offence to the Minister of Regional Development's speech at the 2007 Appropriation Bill debate. Unfortunately, the people will not have their representatives in parliament to respond to the 2011 forced budget in similar fashion.The speech is reproduced below, verbatim:





Hon. T. Young: A threat to economic growth, law and order and democracy around the world today, is terrorism and terrorists, of course.

Sir, the word "terrorist" as defined in the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, are those participants and supporters who use violence and intimidation for political purposes.  We have a new type of terrorist here in Fiji at this point time.  It is racking havoc on the economy, threatening law and order and even, threatening Parliamentary democracy.  I am talking about none other than the current leadership in the Fiji Military Forces and their advisors. We in this august House, as elected Members of Parliament, it is our duty to see that this type of terrorism will not continue in Fiji.  However, I am appalled at the utter silence from the other side of the House.

HON. ADI A. CAUCAU: They are supporting it.

HON. T. YOUNG: Perhaps, these are the silent supporters that is mentioned by this terrorist.  None of them mentioned anything or condemned what the Military is trying to do in this country.  So, we take it that they are supporting what is going on. 

On law and order, they are supposed to be advocates of law and order and Parliamentary democracy, which is being threatened.  It is our duty to make and uphold laws, but I have never heard any condemnation from the other side of the House on the threats by this terrorist, to come and take over this democratically elected Government.  I know the reason, Sir.  I have been reliably told that they have an alternative line-up already in the Camp, and the name of the leader of the FLP is included in it.  That is the reason they are silent.  Sir, we the Members of Parliament have a duty to stand up for law and order and Parliamentary democracy.

Sir, I congratulate the Police Force and the Director for Public Prosecution (DPP) for investigating the seditious activities of this terrorist.  I also urge them to investigate their advisors and supporters for aiding and abetting sedition in this country.

HON. ADI A. CAUCAU: And take them to gaol!

HON. T. YOUNG: Sir, we owe it to our people that we cut off this monster's head right now for the sake of our children in the future.  We have gone through many hard times and made a lot of sacrifices, and now, we have this terrorist twirling its ugly head in our country, in the form of the current Military leadership.  Sir, our forefathers and chiefs, who founded the Military, never even dreamt that one day, the Military will be used against its own people, in threatening democracy and their lives; threats, intimidation, fear, you name it.  Those are the tactics of cowards!

HON. ADI A. CAUCAU: They are cowards indeed.

HON. T. YOUNG: Sir, for those of us who uphold law and order, I appeal to the gallant men and women of our Military, never ever follow an unlawful order, let alone a treasonous one to take over a democratically elected Government, because you will be answerable in court for that.  Following orders is never an excuse to an illegal, unlawful and treasonous activity.  This has already been proven over time, in various courts all over the world, even in our Courts in Fiji, during the trial of the Counter Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) soldiers.  I call on our gallant men and women of the Military, never ever contemplate following an illegal and unlawful order because that is your right and duty as a citizen of this country.  Those who want to do those illegal treasonous acts, tell them to come themselves and do it, and do not send our loyal gallant men and women to do the dirty work for them, and then at the end of the day, run away. Unquote.

Young’s quote, “ [T]hat we cut off this monster's head” unquote, was said metaphorically and not literally. Hard hitting an address as it was, it was said within the ambit of parliamentary privilege. Today, Young’s words are more poignant and even   apocalyptically resonant.

The surprising and somewhat farcical political developments within the regime the last fortnight has left many convinced of the futility of the whole ‘clean up campaign’ and ‘good governance coup’.

The announcing of the 2011 illegal regime’s national budget by Aiyaz Khaiyum is akin to a rugby hospital pass and may well spark the rampaging Fijians in seven a side fashion.

Bainimarama’s main military officers in treasonous brotherhood have deserted him.

His right wing supporters headed by Ganilau and eleven other cabinet ministers have deserted him.

His main left wing supporters headed by Mahendra Chaudhry and his Labour colleagues have been all cast by the way side.

More so, the left leaning Father Kevin Barr is up in arms over more broken promises by our dictator with another minimum wage increase deferment.

The fortnight has been a disastrous one for the dictator trying to, again, lie straight faced about his medical trip to China  under the guise of trade talks.

The budget announcement by the illegal acting Finance Minister of an unelected military regime with a track record of  four years of unaccountable rule using  tax payers hard earned money is more than an act of   daylight robbery but  as  foretold by  Young - it is daylight terrorism against one's own people.

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