Tuesday, November 23, 2010

China government and Fiji embassy play no role in Bainimarama trip

Sai's Comments:
  • Who is lying about this trip? It surely can't be the Chinese as they have no interest in hiding the truth. In fact, they would only be pleased to publicise the trip as confirmation of a closer relationship with Fiji.

  • Who then? Well some have in fact stated that the Dictator Bainimarama is the one needing to hide his trip since it is for medical treatment for his ailing heart and who knows what else!

  • Events no doubt are slowly catching up on the dictator as his once comrade-in arms begin to jump ship one after the other. They know the end beckons for the illegal regime and its leader.

  • To jump ship now just might provide a chance to redeem their prospects on the inevitable return of a democratic government. The question will be at what cost to the nation of Fiji and its people when that long awaited event happens. I for one am just itching for it to have happened some years back!

 Radio New Zealand International - 23 November, 2010 
The Chinese Embassy in Fiji says it has no information on Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s visit to China and Fiji’s Ambassador in Beijing, Sir James Ah Koy, says he has also not been involved.
Fiji’s Information Ministry earlier said Commodore Bainimarama was due back last weekend but his visit has been extended.
Fiji’s interim leader, who left for China ten days ago, is scheduled to be back by Friday when he is due to present Fiji’s budget as the country’s interim finance minister.
On Monday, the ministry of information said after more than a week of meetings with Chinese officials and business leaders, Commodore Bainimarama is hailing his trip to Zhejiang province as a success.
Commodore Bainimarama says he’s used the meetings to assure investors that Fiji is committed to providing an environment where business can prosper.
None of the Chinese officials or businesses has been named.
China’s Foreign Ministry website makes no mention of Commodore Bainimarama’s visit.
But a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, Guo Da Zhi, says it’s not unusual in China for foreign leaders to visit for business or holiday purposes without acknowledgment from the Chinese government.

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