Monday, October 25, 2010

Tikoitoga is new Fiji Land Force Commander

FBC News - Monday, October 25, 2010

Lieutenant Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga (left) is the new Land Force Commander replacing Brigadier General Pita Driti. 

Major Amani Suliano is also now the Commanding Officer 3rd Fiji Infantry Regiment better known as 3FIR.

FBC News understands the appointments were finalised today – as former both Driti and former 3FIR Commander Lieutenant Colonel Roko Tevita Uluilakeba Mara are on leave.

The 3FIR today started a basic Force Infantry Skills training called the Tough Going exercise.

The skills training in which 16 teams are competing will go on for three days.

Radio International News - 24 October 2010

Two of Fiji’s most senior military men placed on extended leave

Two senior military officers in Fiji are taking extended leave, but the government in Suva is dismissing reports they have been suspended.

Radio Fiji reports the officers taking long holidays are Land Force Commander, Brigadier General Pita Driti and Lieutenant Colonel Roko Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.

It quotes the Prime Minister as saying the two have been told to take holiday as they have accumulated substantial amount of leave over the years.

Late last year, there were moves to send General Driti to head Fiji’s contingent of troops working for the UN in Iraq, but he was rejected for the position with the UN citing allegations of human rights abuses.

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  • This guys will continue their mental & pschological game upon the people of Fiji until our nation goes to the ground.
  • They are are saying this Army top-brass are going on leave? and not being dismissed, simply not to show the people of Fiji, that their is trouble in the camp? disunity is taking place. They are now having a go at each other?
  • The greatest fear, is , when the foot soldiers, those young rookies, taking-hold & learning of the mess, that all is not well?in the camp?........& that there will be a big invetigation heading their way, when the world calls for justice, when its time to be judges?
  • China is now in trouble?.......a biggest flood & Land -slide, many of its citizen dying and homeless bills runing into million & millions of dollars, & so is Thaiwan, the nation that Bai has been crawaling to for a loan?
  • They should realize by now, the game is OVER!

  • The illegal govt of Bainimarama is coming under some very rough patches now and i am pretty sure it will only get worse from here on until they are all in Korovou.
  • The MSG are coming to their senses and are taking a stand against unelected leaders saying they do not have a place inj our society. 2 Senior4 Military Officers are now sent on leave and will soon face carges of treason for plotting to get rid of a traitor. Isn't it interesting to know that the once strong voice of unity is just a farce when in reality the backstabbing was going on right from the start. Now we are going to watch them shoot each other because the seed of distrust and disloyalty is setting in. Once a traitor always a traitor.Now let us sit back and fan the fire of veikoba mai na keba.

  • I totally agree, once a traitor always a traitor? what goes around comes around, they have tried very hard to kept it under, pretending all is undercontrol, but hey, things are not working out well for them now? its only a matter of time Loru?

  • Bula! Na nomu blog e cake e kauta lesu mai vei au e dua na tiki ni veitalanoa keirau a cakava kei na dua na Former CEO mai Viti.

    Ni'u taroga vua se vakacava tu na noda vanua, e tukuna sara ga vei au na ka o vakaraitaka toka e cake : "Sa voleka nira na veivacu ga vakataki era na veiliutaki mai Vit." Au taroga vua se veiwali tiko, qai tukuna vei au me'u vakaraica tiko.

    E rairai dua a tama ni veidresuqanibula vakaiyanaqa sa vakarau cabolo mai noda! Vakarau tale beka na cici balavu e veitavioka mai Delainabua!

    Vinaka na veitalanoa.

  • Why can't these two commanders sell their leave just like their commander Bainimarama did? I guess there's no money to go around

    Ia sa vaka me qai funeke vinaka ga mai na i rairai kei Bai! Au vakabauta na silini taucoko sa lako tiko ki na nona taga.

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