Saturday, October 16, 2010

"One World Order Here" - National ID card proposal made to Illegal Fiji PM

Sai's Comments:

  • The Biblical end of time "One world Order" has certainly arrived in Fiji with the touting of a National ID card by officials serving the illegal regime. No amount of rationalisation or convoluted justification could ever provide a valid reason for having such a card. The loss of personal liberty and the potential for the violation of freedom and human rights by the State pose as real concerns. For Fiji, in its current state, these are genuine concerns and must be vehemently resisted.
  • To make it worse, it is not something you want to introduce under a state of emergency where there are no legal and proper constitutional safeguards. The current regime is in power illegally and has no popular mandate for its dictatorial rule over the people of Fiji.
  • Current regulations and measures should be more than adequate to address the kind of so called "national security" issues often put forward as reasons for having a national ID card. Having digitized passports etc could be sufficient as Fiji is a tiny nation and any more attack on personal liberty and freedom will only hinder efforts to build national pride based on respect for the State, its institutions and its laws. Having an instrument that imply "big Brother" watching over you does not achieve this one iota.
  • The current illegal regime should really be focussing its attention on policies and proposals that promote integration within a nation state and not suspicion and derision against the State. After all, the political upheavals over the last decade has more than ripped out the heart of people's trust in the State. It is only because we have a dictatorial and illegal regime that there appears to be in place a semblance of enforced support for the State. It is shallow, artificial and temporary because it is a result of citizen's adaptation to the situation they face
  • Accordingly, Jioji Washington and his like must be discouraged from being the agents of darkness for ever considering a national ID card will be beneficial for Fiji and its people. Other countries have considered and rejected it for the very same reasons raised here.
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FBC News - Saturday, October 16, 2010
Report by : Elenoa Osborne

Taken from / By: Google
A proposal for the implementation of a compulsory National Identity Card was made to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at a meeting in Nadi on Friday.

Ministry of Defence and National Security Senior Official Joji Washington told Bainimarama - the National ID card would strengthen the work of law enforcement, immigration, customs, bio security, border police, AFL security, airline security, port security and outsourced security personnel. 

Washington said the prototype national ID will contain a micro chip containing personal bio data, picture, fingerprint, passport system, ID number, and barcodes for TIN and LTA watch list verification. 

He says the card is a primary form of national security. 

The card, which is to be issued by the Ministry, will enhance passenger profiling clearance, detection of illicit activities’, assist in police investigations, and facilitate public service output.

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