Friday, October 15, 2010

Much Needed Professionals Leaving Fiji

Fiji Village News - 13 October 2010

17,323 Fijians migrated from Fiji
A total of 17 thousand 323 Fijians have migrated from Fiji from the year 2007 to May this year.

According to the latest statistics released by the Bureau of Statistics, four thousand 949 people left our shores to settle in another country in 2007. 
In the year 2008, five thousand 391 Fijians migrated while in 2009 five thousand and 22 people migrated.

For 2010, upto May one thousand 961 people have left Fiji to settle in another country.

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The largest number of people who are migrating are professional workers followed by people in other occupation.

Meanwhile the Bureau of Statistics has also revealed increasing number of Fijians going for holidays and visiting friends and relatives overseas.

The number of people visiting friends and relatives increased by almost 3 thousand in 2009 bringing the total number of people to 37 thousand 211.

More than seven thousand people each year also go for education and training overseas. 

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